Scripture Music Straight From God's Word!

Scripture songs to help kids, families, and children's ministries memorize the Bible!

Our scripture music catalog is a powerful resource for kids, families, and churches who want to memorize scripture while worshiping God! Seeds Kids Worship uses the bible to create kids' worship songs to help parents and Children’s ministry leaders bring the Bible into their kids’ hearts. We have created over 200 scripture songs and videos with many more to come!

Seeds Of Courage

We hope this album helps your kids live courageously for Jesus!
All kids will face difficult challenges, but we can find strength and courage in God. In His Word, the Lord tells us not to fear or worry, but to pray and trust in Him no matter what!

Seeds Of Faith

Plant Seeds of Faith in the heart of everyone in your family and community!
Don’t miss one of the greatest opportunities you have to plant God’s Word in the hearts of your kids. The verses on this album will give your children an amazing foundation of faith.

Seeds Of Praise

We were created to praise the One True God!
These scripture songs were written to help your kids praise God while they are singing His Word! We hope these songs will create an environment of worship in your home or in kids’ church.

Seeds Of Purpose

God's Word motivates kids to learn God's purpose for their lives!
The scriptures on Seeds of Purpose remind us to seek God first, trust Him completely, and to love Him with everything we have.

Seeds Of Encouragement

Help your kids and family experience the power of encouragement!
The Power of Encouragement album is filled with scripture songs that will encourage your kids and inspire them to encourage others.

Seeds Of Character

Listen to scripture songs that move kids to build their lives on the Rock of Christ instead of on the shifting sand of culture.
These songs teach kids that Jesus is the Redeem us and He changes our character to become more like His character as we follow Him!

The Character Of God

Inspire kids to worship our awesome God in Spirit and in Truth!
What is God like? What is God's Character? The Character of God album teaches kids about who our God is and all that He has done for us.

The Word Of God

God has given us His Word so that we may know Him!
The Word of God is living and active and speaks straight to our hearts. We hope you will use this album as a tool to encourage kids love God’s Word.

When You Lie Down: Lullabies & Scripture Songs

True rest, comfort and hope come from God alone.
This Scripture music is an awesome way to experience God’s Word with your baby, toddler or young children. This album also provides a powerful atmosphere to use in your personal time with God.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart!
This album includes verses about trusting God and His Word! Every song includes kids' scripture worship music that makes memorizing God’s Word easy and fun. It reminds us that “all scripture is breathed out by God” and it prepares us to do His will.


Jesus is the S-A-V-I-O-R of the world!
This album was created to teach kids key truths about Jesus. It is a hallmark album of all of the scripture music we created over the years because it is all about JESUS! But wait there’s more… We finally released our first kids worship songs in Spanish.

I Am With You

God is with us!
This project was built around scriptures that help us know that God is with us. These songs will teach kids as they walk through the different seasons of their lives God wants to be near to them. He tells us all that He desires for us to seek Him and “He is not far from each one of us”.

I Believe

We believe that Jesus is Lord!
Seeds Kids Worship makes memorizing the Bible easy and fun! This album expresses the joy we feel as believers in Christ! Your kids will love these songs and you will love that they are singing God’s Word. One parent told us, “I love how our whole family is memorizing scripture without even realizing it!"


I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel For It Is the Power of God!
This is one of several albums we have created that will encourage kids to stand firm in their faith. The opening song from Romans 1:16 proclaims, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.” This album teaches kids that true power comes from walking with Him and that our victories come through faith in Him (1 John 5:4-5).


Our hope is found in Jesus!
Kids need to discover that their true identity and only authentic hope is found in their relationship with God. This album is full of truth straight from God’s Word that every child needs to know. The bible tells us we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”(Psalm 139:14) and that we are created male and female in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Don’t miss this opportunity to plant these important truths in the hearts of your kids.


A Jesus-centered Christmas album to help your children focus on Jesus.
Jesus is the reason for Christmas and even more than that, the reason for life. We wanted to create an album where kids and parents could experience the joy and wonder of Jesus together. Thanks to everyone who poured their hearts into this project to help families focus on the true miracle and meaning of Christmas – “the Good News of great joy that is for all people – a Savior has been born to us – He is Christ the Lord!”

The Armor Of God

Put on The Armor of God with Seeds!
The songs on The Armor of God album were created to encourage and equip kids to stand firm in their faith. The songs take kids through Ephesiasns 6:10-18 and teach them about the different pieces of armor and how to use them to fight against the enemy. They also learn about God's love and protection - and that their strength to win spiritual battles comes from the Lord.

The Great Jungle Journey

Join us on a life changing adventure through the Bible!
Check out our newest music made in partnership with Answers in Genesis for the Vacation Bible School. The Great Jungle Journey will take you on an epic journey from Genesis to Revelation and help your kids understand the great story God is telling through His Word.

Seeds Of Christmas Ep

The Angels Delivered Good News of great joy that is for all people!
This is not your typical Christmas album - it is a musical journey that captures the mystery and majesty of the Christmas Story!

We believe this music to scripture will help your family go deeper with Jesus this Christmas season. The true gift of Christmas is Jesus and this album will help your kids and church community celebrate Him!

Seeds Of Easter Ep

Eternal Life Is Found In Jesus Alone!
This was our first collection of kids worship songs centered around Easter, including a new song “Worthy Is the Lamb” from Revelation 5:12 only available on this EP. This is a focused group of verses that will help kids understand the true meaning of the Easter celebration.


A child’s worldview is set by the age of 13, so don’t miss this moment to impact your kids for eternity.

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