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19 reviews for Trust

  1. Angela Bedgood

    Great for my 5 kids and me! Weekly memory verse has never been easier for my 4 year old and fun for the whole family to dance and sing together.

  2. Danielle

    We love all the Seeds CDs, and this one is no exception. The kids love the catchy songs, and the scriptures reinforce what we are teaching our kids at home and at church. It nicely compliments the Answers Bible Curriculum that we have been using at church for the past couple of years (we have the older version of the curriculum that does not include the Seeds music). We also like to start our family worship time each morning with the DVDs that include hand motions.

  3. Sarah Garrison

    Our family loves the Trust CD. The songs encourage us to trust in God by hiding his word in our hearts. We use them in our family bible time.

  4. Angela Guillory

    I was impressed with the quality of this music. My five year old sings along and that is exactly what we wanted. Planting the word in solid ground with our children is top priority.

  5. Angie Holder

    Our family absolutely loves Seeds of Worship! I love it just as much as my kids and all the music is done so well. I love knowing that by listening to SOW that my kids are tucking scripture away in their hearts. I can’t thank this ministry enough!

  6. Jen

    Can’t go wrong with any Seeds album! Hands down the best way to learn scripture! The music is excellent! This album is a new favorite for our family.

  7. Anna Nida (verified owner)

    Our family loves this CD! And every CD we’ve purchased from Seeds. It is such an awesome resource for scripture memory. My son loves this one

  8. Paige Mueller (verified owner)

    We really enjoy SEEDS Family Worship music. It is an excellent tool for everyone in the family to hide God’s word in our hearts. We’ve only listened to this CD a few times. Our first impression is that the songs aren’t as simple and catchy as others (SEEDS of Courage songs stick in your mind super quickly) but I know repetition helps and maybe soon we’ll be singing along with this CD just like we do all the others in our collection.

  9. Courtney Courtney (verified owner)

    We have several seeds cds but this has been my family’s favorite! It’s on repeat. And my not even two year old knows the words to several songs! So thankful for this easy way to store up God’s Word in our hearts.

  10. R. Marsh

    We absolutely love this album! As we’ve come to expect from Seeds, it’s music of high quality, and lyrics drawn straight from the Scriptures. The songs interest the children, and they often hum them or sing them while playing. A terrific way to store up God’s word in young (and old!) hearts!

  11. Amanda (verified owner)

    This album is refreshingly modern while still being approachable for the whole family. We love it!

  12. Lorie

    I love every thing seeds comes out with! Thanks to their music my kids and I have so much scripture memorized.

  13. MP

    We love Seeds, not just for our daughter, but for us, too! We are memorizing scripture (hiding it in our heart) due to Seeds, as well! Thank you for your incredible ministry!!!

  14. Aimee

    My kids and I are loving the Trust package. We will definitely use another Seeds Family Worship package in the near future.

  15. Tim (verified owner)

    We purchased the Trust CD & DVD to use in our kids worship services and it has been awesome! The music is upbeat and the motions are really easy to catch onto. To top it off our kids are memorizing Scripture as they sing! Thank you Seeds for all you are doing to help resource families and churches.

  16. Amanda (verified owner)

    We love this new CD! My four year old daughter has listened to it over and over again. It is amazing how quickly and easily scripture is memorized through these great songs.

  17. Nora Lawson

    I bought this CD in the Trust package. You might think having both the CD and DVD is a bit redundant, but for us it’s definitely not. I use the DVD to start our homeschool mornings off right and we keep the CD in the car to enjoy. We love the songs just like the rest of our Seeds music and I will continue to grow our collection. We now have so many Bible verses rooted in our hearts that help us bear good fruit. Thank you, Seeds Family Worship!

  18. Melissa

    LOVE this new album. The music is fun and engaging as always. We are enjoying all of the music and how it goes along with the TRUST theme. Well done on another great product!

  19. James Cosentino

    As always, this Seeds DVD and cd are filled with great quality songs from scripture that kids will love singing with and learning from. I started using some of these songs from the Trust album in our children’s ministry at church this week and the kids as always love getting to hear and learn new songs from seeds. I love the theme of this new album and the scriptures used for each of these songs focusing on our need to trust in God and His character of Faithfulness as He keeps His promises to His people. Be sure to get this album either for your home or for your ministry at church.

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