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40 reviews for Seeds of Courage

  1. Ronae

    We LOVE this CD! We love the music and that it helps our kids (and us as parents!) memorize Scripture!

  2. Sarah Schuh (verified owner)

    Seeds of Courage has become my favorite album. While I originally got the album for my kids, I found incredible strength and comfort from God through these verses and songs when we as a family faced an incredibly difficult and scary situation when we were in Brazil as missionaries. Thank you, Seeds, for all your work to help equip families with God’s Word!

  3. KEL

    I have loved this album since shortly after it came out, and it has helped me memorize scripture So easily. I didn’t even have children at the time that I was introduced to seeds family worship, and fell in love immediately. Now that I have little ones, I’m excited to share God’s word with them in a fun and uplifting way, and have them hide gods word in their hearts without even having to make much effort to memorize it. These albums are truly a blessing, and this is one of my favorites. Thank you for a wonderful ministry Seeds Family Worship!

  4. Sarah Thigpen (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this album! My children do too. We always listen to this on the way to school and I find myself singing it throughout the day. Such great verses for children to learn early on so they are ready when life’s trial come!

  5. Lacey Lett

    My first experience with Seeds was when our church used the song for 1 Timothy 4:12 with their VBS. I loved it and have to admit that I cannot read that verse in the Bible without beginning to sing the song! Music is such a wonderful way to memorize scripture.

  6. Jess Gabbert (verified owner)

    Seeds of Courage was the first album that we bought and my kids and I love it! It’s such an exciting way to learn and hide scripture in our hearts. I find myself humming or singing the Bible verses all the time. ❤️

  7. Rachel

    I love music but have never played kids music in my car because I have standards! The Seeds CD’s play in my car even when my kids aren’t there because God’s word hidden in our hearts is great and refreshing for all of us.

  8. Joyce Moy

    I love Seeds Family Worship! This music is modern, contemporary, and comes straight from God’s word. I also like that there are kids featured, so it makes it more kid-friendly. Go, Seeds Family Worship!!!

  9. Hayley

    When I found Seeds music for the first time on youtube I was through the roof, finally scripture put to fun music. I am now slowly collecting everyone of the albums.

  10. Anna Nida (verified owner)

    We love these CDs! My son loves this one, especially the “Crushed” song. It is such a joy to learn scripture this way with our kids

  11. Ellie

    We received this as a gift and love it! We’ve listened to the songs over and over. They’re easy to remember and so fun! An awesome way to learn Gods word!!

  12. Allison VanLoon

    I love all the Seeds CDs, but this one might be my favorite. The songs are upbeat and catchy, and I love having Scripture stuck in my head! My kids love this CD in the car.

  13. Anthony Gerber

    Our family of 4 loves listening to this and other Seeds CDs in the car. We can listen to them on repeat for hours and we are getting the Word of God written on our hearts. These also make fantastic birthday presents for friends and family!

  14. Lauren W

    I ordered a set of Seeds Family Worship CDs on a whim at the suggestion of a friend. I held off on playing them until my son was nearly four and immediately wondered why I’d waited so long. Each song is catchy, fun, and filled with the truth of scripture. I am amazed at how much of God’s Word my son is retaining from listening to these albums regularly in the car. This album, Seeds of Courage, still remains a favorite for both of us. Thank you Seeds for making such famil friendly music that has a lasting impact!

  15. Tawnya (verified owner)

    What a wonderful product for the whole family. We listen to Seeds all the time! In the car, at home, everywhere! I love having them playing in the background as we go through out day. Instilling Scripture all day long!

  16. Riley (verified owner)

    Seeds is one of the greatest producers of bible songs for kids. Thank you so much for your work Seeds team!

  17. Kathryn Midkiff

    My sons and I have been listening to Seeds of Courage for a couple years now as well as other albums, and I am amazed at how well I know these verses now! They have been such an encouragement to me and I find myself listening to them even when my kids aren’t around.

  18. Liz H

    This was our first Seeds album and remains family favorite. When our DD was struggling with fear, track 12 “Do Not Fear”, Isaiah 41:10 was on repeat. She now knows the verse by heart and will repeat it whenever she’s struggling with fear. So thankful for scripture in music.

  19. Me (verified owner)

    Love it, tunes are always catchy and I am putting God’s Word in my heart forever. Thanks so much for great quality music.

  20. Heather (verified owner)

    It’s been several years since we first listened to Seeds of Courage, our first Seeds cd. We loved it! And we’ve added to our collection since then (almost all of them). Seeds of Courage is definitely in my top 5 (if I had to choose). I don’t think I could rank those top 5 though-they are all soooo good. I frequently listen to them even when the kids are not around!

  21. Sherry

    This is one of my favorite Seeds albums. It is encouraging all the time and I love that my child loves it too. What a great way to teach kids to trust in the Lord and have courage.

  22. Ashley De La Torre

    We LOVE the Seeds music, but this is probably our favorite. I love that it’s purely scripture and my kids love that it’s “cool” music and not “baby” music. We listen all the time and have been so blessed to be hiding God’s word in our hearts.

  23. Erika

    This was our first Seeds Family worship album and it’s had a special place in our hearts and home since. I love that I can play quality music that covers our home in Scripture and teaches it to my kids and to me as we listen! The songs are catchy enough to help you learn the verses without being childish. Thanks SEEDS!

  24. Christy (verified owner)

    I love Call To Me and Convinced. What a great way to learn scripture. This is one I can listen to over and over.

  25. Morgan Lind

    Absolutely amazing! I contacted seeds of worship asking for CDs to give out to the families in our church as well as new visitors. We picked Seeds of Courage because it is our kids church’s favorite album and has changed the way we worship in kids church. We are so thankful for this ministry!

  26. Cornelia Waldrum

    We bought this CD close to 10 years ago, and it has been my favorite of all of them. My children are nearly grown, but I will still find myself humming these songs and decide to pull the disc back out for a listen. Thank you!

  27. Jeannine Firestenberg

    The style of music is great for my kids. They are enjoying learning scriptures! Thank you for making these great songs with no added words – the Bible doesn’t need anything added.

  28. Nan

    Our family has enjoyed Seeds CDs for years! I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and the songs (scripture) of Seeds of Courage have been an enormous blessing and encouragement to me. I am so thankful to have these hidden in my heart! All of the CDs are wonderful. I especially recommend the Seeds of Courage for anyone going through hard times as a reminder to trust in God; He is in control!

  29. Christine

    I like the songs on this CD; they are catchy and upbeat.

  30. Sarah

    We have been listening to Seeds Family Worship for a few years now and I can’t praise it highly enough. Our kids love to listen to it, dance to it and sing along. They’re surprised when I ask them to quote scripture and they CAN because of this music. And I love it! It’s my running track–much better than other music options to put into my head and heart!

  31. Debi Shelton

    We love seeds of Courage! Our 5 year old sings these songs loudly and we love how quickly she is memorizing scripture. Young led us to talk about what all she can do for The Lord even as a 5year old. Love all of these songs!

  32. Pamela (verified owner)

    My daughter’s favorite! I couldn’t be happier with her choice!

  33. Jackie P

    These scripture memory songs are the BEST! You memorize scripture without even realizing it. I wake up in the morning with these songs in my head! AND what’s better than one CD? TWO CD’s! One to keep and one to give away. I’ve done this many times and it’s a great gift! Love these! Favorite is “Crushed” Psalm 34:18

  34. Carrie (verified owner)

    Our family loves Seeds, and this is my favorite! I catch myself singing these songs often and my 5 year old loves them too (he’s been singing Crushed since he was 3!) I tell everyone about Seeds!

  35. Molly Denis

    I love all of the songs on this cd! The bouncy music, the scriptures brought to life! It is a must have for every home. Keep up the good work! !!

  36. Laura (verified owner)

    Zephaniah 3:17. Love Seeds! We sent the Courage CD to my friend with breast cancer last year. Such a great tool for hiding His Word in our hearts!

  37. Rebekah (verified owner)

    Music is a powerful tool, and I know there will be fruit for a lifetime because of the “Seeds” planted!

  38. Rebecca (verified owner)

    We LOVE ‪Seeds Family Worship! It has been an extra blessing to our family the past few months as my husband has been fighting brain cancer. When we are in the car driving to appointments, dropping the kids off, etc, we hear God’s Word. Many days I need the words that are being sung for the “kids”.

  39. Katy (verified owner)

    We love sharing seeds family worship with other people. It is such a fun, refreshing way to learn scripture.

  40. Deana (verified owner)

    My family has memorized SO much scripture. Of course, the only thing is when we read a Seeds song scripture, we have to sing it! Seeds has also hugely impacted my church. We love your ministry!

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