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9 reviews for Seeds of Purpose

  1. MGreig (verified owner)

    We have several of the cds and we love them all! It’s amazing to hear our young kids singing out scripture even when the cd is off!

  2. Danielle Barton

    I used this music to create Sunday school lessons around the scriptures! What an incredible way for my students to learn the word of God and never forget it!!

  3. Jennifer

    My kids (and I) love Seeds. We find that it helps my kids with memorizing their verses for Awana. Often they already know the verse because it is a Seeds song! I love Seeds so much for scripture memory that I ordered an extra set of the full Seeds collection and gave an album away to each mom in my church’s moms group when I spoke in December. It was first on my resource list for teaching children God’s word!

  4. Markins (verified owner)

    We raised our kids on this music, then we gave all the CD’s away to younger parents. Now that they are older, my wife and I are coming back to your store . . . to buy more CD’s for US! We miss it!!!

  5. Lori (verified owner)

    We love how Seeds has helped our family to recall so many important verses–just at the right moments in our everyday lives.

  6. Libby (verified owner)

    We love the encouragement and constant reminder of how powerful God’s Word is in our loves! Playing Seeds music in our home changes the atmosphere to a God honoring home

  7. Lynn (verified owner)

    Seeds is a wonderful inspirational ministry. I’m just learning of it and it’s good to hear the word of God and very motivating to glorify our Lord and Savior!

  8. Mary (verified owner)

    I love that God’s word is being poured into my family through music. I am so grateful for Seeds! It changes our days for the better! Thanks, Seeds!

  9. Alison (verified owner)

    Helping hide God’s Word in little (and big) hearts…

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