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43 reviews for Seeds Lullabies & Scripture Songs

  1. Ashley

    I like that my children can be learning the word of God as they drift off to sleep! Such a great way to plant a seed of faith.

  2. Inge (verified owner)

    Seeds Family Worship provides excellent, theologically sound music for kids of all ages. I have no regrets buying any of their CDs. Most of SFW albums are upbeat, so if you’re looking for calm, peaceful songs, When You Lie Down is the CD to buy.

  3. Amy

    I love this CD. Peaceful music, great for nap and bedtime, or anytime. I especially like how you can print the words on little note card sized papers (from the Seeds website) for free. I have one posted on my bathroom mirror, and my 1 year old daughter requests that I sing it regularly.

  4. Beth A White

    We love our Lullaby CD. I listened to it as we waited for the birth of our child and when I did go into labor I turned it on and labored to it. We couldn’t get enough of the lovely songs while we had quiet time. They make great baby shower gifts as well.

  5. Amber

    My daughter has been falling asleep to this cd for almost a year and we all still love it! I love how both of us are hiding more of God’s word in our heart every night as I sit with her as she falls asleep. Nice to listen to, as it is not some of the annoying sing-songy sound that so many lullaby cds have.

  6. Elizabeth Martinez (verified owner)

    We’ve purchased several CDs from Seeds, but this is by far my favorite! We listen to it every night at bedtime. Kids love it! My son even asks for “the be still part” when he lays down. I love that they are learning straight Word everyday.

  7. Becky

    As a foster mom of a four and five your old, this CD was our night time ritual! They had to have it playing as they went to sleep each night and would ask for it when I forgot. I love the message they received from the music and would often hear them singing or humming different songs from the cd during the day. It was good to know that I was able to give them God’s word each day through this CD. Thanks for a great product!

  8. CHIN-AN SHEN (verified owner)

    I really love this album. Actually every albums, because its all God’s word. We put all the albums in the car so we can sing and recite God’s word. Its really help strengthen my kid’s faith.

  9. Erika B (verified owner)

    I recently recommend this CD to a class – and not a children’s class, but a group of grown ladies at a momen’s conference! It’s a fantastic, calming collection of songs that ground women with busy schedules in the Word of God. I find it perfect for the commute home, when I need a fresh perspective and reminder of God’s peace after a busy day. I got this CD for my kids, but I love listening even when I’m the only one in the car! Beautiful!

  10. Sheilah (verified owner)

    We love ALL Seeds music but this one in particular helps to calm our family after a long day. We use it at nighttime with our children so they fall asleep listening to God’s Word! It is our favorite baby shower gift! We are so thankful for the ministry of Seeds!!

  11. Karen

    I love all of the seeds family worship albums, and this album does not disappoint! We love that We are hiding gods word in our hearts so simply with beautiful music that the entire family loves, from our little ones all the way up to the adults. I highly recommend this album for any parent, but it is especially wonderful to receive as a new parent.

  12. Karen

    I love seeds family worship albums, and this album does not disappoint! And it plays almost every day for my little one at naptime and he begs for the music. I love that we have God’s word being hidden in our hearts with incredible music that is loved by the whole family, from the Littles all the way up to the adults.

  13. Karen

    I love seeds family worship albums, and this album does not disappoint! And it plays almost every day for my little one at naptime and he begs for the music. I love that we have God’s word being hidden in our hearts with incredible music that is loved by the whole family, from the Littles all the way up to the adults.

  14. Sara Walton (verified owner)

    This CD is amazing. I bought this when I was pregnant with my first child and unable to sleep much at all. The scripture-filled songs calmed my mind and allowed me to rest. I listen to them in the car with my kids now and they get stuck in my head all the time (in a good way)! My favorites are 11 and 12 but I really enjoy them all.

  15. Laura

    We were given this CD for our daughter’s first birthday and fell in love. We started playing it every night and she started sleeping so much better. There is a peace in her room when scripture is playing over it. It is our favorite baby gift to give now.

  16. Me

    This album is so calming in two ways. The music and hearing God’s word. There is not one song I do not like. When I have a grandbaby it will definitely be owning one of these CD’s.

  17. Jessie

    My little ones and I love this album! The songs are catchy and allow us to memorize scripture with ease. I also love the tranquil sounds of this album. It is great for bedtime, but also during times of the day when we need to settle down a bit!

  18. Sarah (verified owner)

    Love the cd! It’s been great for my son the listen to as night when he goes to bed.

  19. Melissa Scapa (verified owner)

    This music is such a blessing to our whole family. It brings a deep calm to kids and adults alike. Our oldest son used to fall asleep to Seeds of Courage, which was also great, though his grandma never understood how upbeat music could do that! This album combines the truth of God’s word with soothing music. We highly recommend it!

  20. Melinda LaPlante (verified owner)

    Oh how I love the lullaby cd! I think I have purchased at least 10 of them over the years to give as shower and new baby gifts! My older kids even listen to the cd as they fall asleep to help with nighttime anxiety. God’s word truly is a comfort to an anxious, weary soul!

  21. Lauren Sutherland

    We love this CD! It’s perfect for quiet time and rest time!

  22. Melissa States

    We love seeds and the lullaby cd is great to use with older kids as calming music for quiet time. I love hearing my kids singing scripture and getting excited about God’s word! Thanks Seeds! 👏

  23. Deborah (verified owner)

    This is a lovely, peaceful album to play at quiet time or bedtime. I think I like it as much as the kids do. It’s great to have Scripture in our minds as we go to sleep.

  24. Nicole

    Our girls love this CD, we play it to unwind before bed and nap times.. it is so soothing – and hearing the girls sing these songs to their new baby sister to get her to calm just warms my heart. I love having the atmosphere filled with such beautiful music full of scripture in our home! It sets the tone.

  25. Ashlie Hill-Paulin

    We LOVE this cd!!!! It is our go to for nap time!! Not only do I love the sweet lyrics to every song, but the music puts our 9 month old to sleep every time and he actually sleeps more sound and for a bit longer than normal! WIN We also use it when we need quite time after a busy, crazy homeschool day. I love to gift this to all my friends with new babes.

  26. Jessica Colley (verified owner)

    My children are 7 and 4. We purchased the digital album one day while on a road trip. They needed to calm down and nap before we reached our destination. This album did just that. I pull it up on my phone ANY time someone needs to calm their hearts in my house, myself included. The passages used are perfect for an anxious mind and the tempo helps to slow a racing heart.

  27. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I LOVE this lullaby cd. The music is very calming and soothing. I have played this many evenings to soothe a crying baby & in the process it brought comfort to me hearing God’s word.

  28. Katie zabel

    We love love love ALL the seeds CDs, but this has quickly become a new family favorite! We use it ALL the time! So relaxing to listen to scripture put to soothing music while you are going about normal daily routine! Thanks seeds for another great album!

  29. Schimri

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these songs. My son and daughter sing along to them all the time and they are learning Scripture through song. It’s AWESOME

  30. April

    Was so blessed to be part of the Kickstart for this project!!! Such wonderful music…soothing and pleasant. We love SEEDS!!!

  31. Lois

    Beautiful tunes to the richest lyrics in the world that can draw me closer to God and with that, sing to my baby so that he can know God too.

  32. Rachel (verified owner)

    Oh I love this CD sooo much!!! I love having it play while I home school my children. It brings a peace to the room! I am so thankful for Seeds Family Worship and how they are such promoters of God’s Holy Word!! I just LOVE hearing my sons singing God’s Word throughout the day!!

  33. Rebekah (verified owner)

    I find myself singing these songs again and again throughout my day. They are soothing and speak truth which I apply to my life and help my children apply to theirs. I’ve ordered several copies for our church nursery rooms (I’m the Nursery Coordinator) and we are gifting this CD to new mothers in our church. We thank God for these beautiful musical giftings and the way Seeds Family has used them to bring God all the glory!

  34. Kelley B

    I L-O-V-E this album!!!! Who said lullabies were for babies and children only? I could fall asleep to this music every night. My favorite thing is to not only listen to the songs, but pray the scriptures over my child when I lay down and listen. What a wonderful way to drift off to sleep, praising God and praying for your children! Thank you Seeds for another great album! May the Lord bless you and Keep you!

  35. Jennifer

    We’ve been playing this album in our son’s room at night and he hasn’t woke up scared since we started playing it for him. He’s 3 years old and his little mind goes crazy at night and this has calmed his spirit and we’re all sleeping better now! Thanks Seeds for your amazing ministry!

  36. Corrie

    Like all the Seed’s albums, this one is the highest quality. It so nice to be able to put my little ones to bed with scriptures

  37. caroline

    Simply wonderful. God’s Word put to relaxing acoustic music is the perfect way to end the day – or soothe my soul anytime. I LOVE this album!!

  38. Mark

    From the words in the promo, I anticipated “awesome way to experience God’s Word with your baby, kids and family.” I thoroughly enjoyed as easy listening music while reading – no kids or family around – just me! 🙂 Great album.

  39. Grant

    Wow! God’s word matched with beautiful, elegant music. This album is full of the music that will warm and enrich our home all year long.

    Blessings to the Seeds Family – Keep Bringing it!!!

  40. Kristin h (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful way to learn God’s word. We listen to it during our schoolwork and during quiet time. Thank you seeds family worship!!

  41. Jodie (verified owner)

    I’m so grateful for the Seeds Family Worship Team that puts together these amazing scripture songs. This new Lullaby CD is full of great music that is so peaceful to listen to. I have enjoyed listening to it in my office! My personal favorite on the album is The Way of Life- Proverbs 6:20-23.
    May God continue to bless the Seeds Family Worship Team as they continue to spread God’s Word!

  42. Beth (verified owner)

    This is such beautiful album. Every song is just lovely. The music is peaceful and calming. Not only is it perfect for a baby but it’s also great for me as a mom. It helps me refocus at the end of a long day (or in the middle of one!) and reminds me to be more eternally focused during the busyness of life. I even find myself listening to it when the kids aren’t around. Thanks Seeds!!

  43. Emily (verified owner)

    God’s Word sung over sweet acoustic music… a powerful way to lead families into rest and quiet praise!! Excellent album! Thank you Seeds!

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