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Seeds Scripture Chord Charts

We have a chord chart for every Seeds song ever created, and the best part is that they’re completely FREE! At the moment, we only have sheet music for the Seeds of Christmas EP, (which you can find HERE). These chord charts are perfect for learning these songs that you can play for your church, kids ministry, or personal worship time.

Seeds of Courage

1. Call to Me  [Chord Chart]
2. Do not Be Anxious   [Chord Chart]
3. Ask, Seek, Knock   [Chord Chart]
4. Out of the Mud  [Chord Chart]
5. Young  [Chord Chart]
6. Convinced   [Chord Chart]
7. The Good Song  [Chord Chart]
8. Never Be Shaken  [Chord Chart]
9. Crushed  [Chord Chart]
10. Do Everything In Love  [Chord Chart]
11. Refuge and Strength   [Chord Chart]
12. Do Not Fear  [Chord Chart]

Seeds of Faith

1. The Word of the Lord [Chord Chart]
2. Grace [Chord Chart]
3. Hey Man [Chord Chart]
4. The Light of the World [Chord Chart]
5. No Greater Love [Chord Chart]
6. Faith as Small as … [Chord Chart]
7. Eternal Life [Chord Chart]
8. They Will See God [Chord Chart]
9. Walk In His Ways [Chord Chart]
10. Faith [Chord Chart]
11. Carry It On [Chord Chart]
12. New Creation [Chord Chart]

Seeds of Praise

1. Better than Life [Chord Chart]
2. Praise the Lord [Chord Chart]
3. Amen [Chord Chart]
4. Shout [Chord Chart]
5. The Rock Eternal [Chord Chart]
6. The Mouth [Chord Chart]
7. Sing to Him [Chord Chart]
8. Mighty to Save [Chord Chart]
9. Sing for Joy  [Chord Chart]
10. His Love Endures [Chord Chart]
11. Undivided Heart [Chord Chart]
12. Be Still [Chord Chart]

Seeds of Purpose

1. Life and Breath [Chord Chart]
2. Treasure [Chord Chart]
3. Seek First  [Chord Chart]
4. Greatest Commandment [Chord Chart]
5. Trust in the Lord [Chord Chart]
6. Follow Me [Chord Chart]
7. Delight Yourself in the Lord [Chord Chart]
8. Whatever You Do  [Chord Chart]
9. If God is for Us [Chord Chart]
10. Fishers of Men[Chord Chart]
11. Listen to Me [Chord Chart]
12. Be Joyful Always [Chord Chart]

The Power of Encouragement

1. The Secret  [Chord Chart]
2. Think About It [Chord Chart]
3. Cast Your Cares [Chord Chart]
4. Take Heart [Chord Chart]
5. Wonderfully Made [Chord Chart]
6. Servant of All [Chord Chart]
7. Heavenly Lights [Chord Chart]
8. Go [Chord Chart]
9. Soar Like Eagles [Chord Chart]
10. Joy [Chord Chart]

Seeds of Character

1. More Than Conquerors [Chord Chart]
2. The Wages and The Gift [Chord Chart]
3. The Life [Chord Chart]
4. The Fruit [Chord Chart]
5. Delight [Chord Chart]
6. Teach Them [Chord Chart]
7. The Perfect Example [Chord Chart]
8. Children and Fathers [Chord Chart]
9. Put On Love [Chord Chart]
10. The Character Song [Chord Chart]
11. Give Thanks [Chord Chart]
12. The Only Way [Chord Chart]

Character of God

1. God is Creator [Chord Chart]
2. God is Holy [Chord Chart]
3. God is Love [Chord Chart]
4. God is Light [Chord Chart]
5. God is Spirit and Truth [Chord Chart]
6. God is Wise [Chord Chart]
7. God is Faithful [Chord Chart]
8. God is Everlasting [Chord Chart]
9. God is Jealous [Chord Chart]
10. God is Unchanging [Chord Chart]
11. We Trust (Bonus Track) [Chord Chart]

The Word of God

1. The Word Of God [Chord Chart]
2. Your Life Is Hidden [Chord Chart]
3. Impress Them [Chord Chart]
4. Jesus Christ Is Lord [Chord Chart]
5. Breathed Out [Chord Chart]
6. Your Word In My Heart [Chord Chart]
7. Do What It Says [Chord Chart]
8. Genuine [Chord Chart]
9. Act Like Men [Chord Chart]
10. A Woman Who Fears … [Chord Chart]
11. Your Life Is Hidden [Chord Chart]
12. H.E.R.O. [Chord Chart]

When You Lie Down: Lullabies & Scripture Songs

1. Be Still [Chord Chart]
2. The Way Of Life [Chord Chart]
3. Fearfully & Wonderfully Made[Chord Chart]
4. You Are My God [Chord Chart]
5. Lead Me To The Rock [Chord Chart]
6. Come To Me [Chord Chart]
7. Peaceful Lullaby [Chord Chart]
8. Your Faithfulness [Chord Chart]
9. I Will Make Known [Chord Chart]
10. Acceptable [Chord Chart]
11. My Soul Finds Rest [Chord Chart]
12. The Yearning [Chord Chart]


1. Trust [Chord Chart]
2. By Faith [Chord Chart]
3. Forever Faithful [Chord Chart]
4. Breathed Out By God [Chord Chart]
5. When I Look At Your Heavens [Chord Chart]
6. Dominion [Chord Chart]
7. A Great Nation [Chord Chart]
8. All Things [Chord Chart]
9. Now We Know (Old Testament Song) [Chord Chart]
10. He Is Faithful [Chord Chart]


1. By Him [Chord Chart]
2. The Alpha & The Omega  [Chord Chart]
3. Savior [Chord Chart]
4. In My Fathers House [Chord Chart]
5. For God So Loved The World [Chord Chart]
6. Salvation Belongs to our God [Chord Chart]
7. I Am The Door [Chord Chart]
8. Yesterday, Today & Forever [Chord Chart]
9. We Are His Workmanship [Chord Chart]
10. The Word [Chord Chart]
11. Jesus Christ Is Lord (ESV) [Chord Chart]

I Am With You

1. Be Strong And Courageous [Chord Chart]
2. Fear Not [Chord Chart]
3. Let Him Ask God [Chord Chart]
4. He Is Not Far From Us [Chord Chart]
5. My Son [Chord Chart]
6. I Will Confess… [Chord Chart]
7. If We Confess [Chord Chart]
8. No Other Gods [Chord Chart]
9. The Lord Is Near [Chord Chart]
10. All Have Sinned [Chord Chart]
11. Babel [Chord Chart]

I Believe

1. I Believe [Chord Chart]
2. Seek First His Kingdom [Chord Chart]
3. We’re Alive [Chord Chart]
4. Fortunes [Chord Chart]
5. The Spirit of the Lord [Chord Chart]
6. Grace and Truth [Chord Chart]
7. A Little While [Chord Chart]
8. Love One Another [Chord Chart]
9. Wait For Him [Chord Chart]
10. I Press On [Chord Chart]


  1. Not Ashamed [Chord Chart]
  2. Walk in Him [Chord Chart]
  3. Power [Chord Chart]
  4. Citizens Of Heaven [ChordChart]
  5. The Victory [Chord Chart]
  6. The Light of Life [Chord Chart]
  7. Immovable [Chord Chart]
  8. One [Chord Chart]
  9. Follow Me [Chord Chart]


  1. Wonderful [Chord Chart]
  2. God Created Man [Chord Chart]
  3. Hope That Is In You [Chord Chart]
  4. The Resurrection [Chord Chart]
  5. Do So To Them [Chord Chart]
  6. We Hope In You [Chord Chart]
  7. You O Lord [Chord Chart]
  8. Unsearchable [Chord Chart]
  9. Is Anything Too Hard For Me [Chord Chart]
  10. Abound In Hope [Chord Chart]

The Resurrection – An Easter Collection

  1. The Resurrection [Chord Chart]
  2. For God So Loved The World [Chord Chart]
  3. I Believe [Chord Chart]
  4. Savior [Chord Chart]
  5. The Life [Chord Chart]
  6. Jesus Christ Is Lord [Chord Chart]
  7. Citizens Of Heaven [Chord Chart]
  8. We’re Alive [Chord Chart]
  9. I Am The Door [Chord Chart]
  10. Follow Me [Chord Chart]
  11. Grace and Truth [Chord Chart]
  12. More Than Conquerors [Chord Chart]


1. Lying In A Manger [Chord Chart]
2. Joy [Chord Chart]
3. The Newborn King [Chord Chart]
4. Silent Night [Chord Chart]
5. Mary’s Song Of Praise [Chord Chart]
6. Jesus [Chord Chart]
7. Nothing Will Be Impossible [Chord Chart]
8. A Holy Miracle [Chord Chart]
9. We Still Bow Down [Chord Chart]
10. To The Ends Of The Earth [Chord Chart]

The Armor of God

1. Every Word of God [Chord Chart]
2. Shoes For Your Feet [Chord Chart]
3. Stand Firm [Chord Chart]
4. Be Strong In The Lord [Chord Chart]
5. Helmets & Swords [Chord Chart]
6. The Shield of Faith [Chord Chart]
7. The Armor of God [Chord Chart]
8. Far More Abundantly [Chord Chart]
9. Take Captive Every Thought [Chord Chart]
10. Fight For Your Family [Chord Chart]

The Great Jungle Journey

1. King of The Ages [Chord Chart]
2. God Created [Chord Chart]
3. Not Even One [Chord Chart]
4. Babel  [Chord Chart]
5. Children of God [Chord Chart]
6. Every Tear [Chord Chart]

Seeds of Christmas EP

1. To Us A Child Is Born [Chord Chart]
2. To The Ends Of The Earth[Chord Chart]
3. Call His Name Immanuel [Chord Chart]
4. Mary’s Song Of Praise  [Chord Chart]
5. God With Us [Chord Chart]
6. Joy [Chord Chart]

Seeds of Easter EP

(Coming Soon)

Answers Time Lab VBS

1. In My Fathers House [Chord Chart]
2. By Him [Chord Chart]
3. God So Loved The World [Chord Chart]
4. Jesus Christ Is Lord [Chord Chart]
5. Yesterday, Today & Forever [Chord Chart]
6. The Alpha and The omega [Chord Chart]

Mystery Island VBS

1. Unsearchable [Chord Chart]
2. Holy [Chord Chart]
3. Is Anything Too Hard For Me? [Chord Chart]
4. Christ Died For Us [Chord Chart]
5. Trust [Chord Chart]
6. You O Lord [Chord Chart]

The Incredible Race VBS

1.He’s Not Far From Us [Chord Chart]
2.All Have Sinned [Chord Chart]
3. Savior [Chord Chart]
4. Love One Another [Chord Chart]
5. Salvation Belongs To Our God [Chord Chart]
6. Babel [Chord Chart]

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