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9 reviews for Power

  1. Richard (verified owner)

    Seeds does excellent work. Most kids’ music is difficult to listen to, but Seeds is not at all. It is legitimately well-done music and doesn’t sound like the audience is for children as much as Children of God. The faithful rendition of verses is a breath of fresh air compared to other CCM, and the fact that they do multiple passages in some songs shows that they know the Bible and understand what they’re singing. They do unusual and even difficult verses, as well, so there is a true depth of knowledge to be gained through listening.

    When a new Seeds album comes out, we buy it the day of release, no questions asked. Even the themes of the albums are good! They try out different genres of music and there are many different lead singers, too, so each song sounds distinct. They even have a Gospel choir on this album!

    It would be a fairly simple task to simply take the text and read it or even sing it over a band playing. It wouldn’t be too hard to turn the text of the Psalms into songs. But to take sermon from Acts or doctrinal truth from a Pauline epistle and make it actually sound like a song? That’s a tall order, and Seeds does that with every song on every album. It’s amazing.

    As far as this particular album goes, the verses chosen are fantastic, the songs are varied and enjoyable, and the production is excellent. Each album is wonderful, and I encourage you to play them on repeat. It’s so easy to memorize Scripture this way, and then it’s just one more step to apply it to become a better follower of Christ. Let Seeds help you be a better light to the world.

  2. Grace Cox (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite cds! I love the songs and love to meditate on the scriptures. Please continue to make songs from different cultural backgrounds as it reflects His Kingdom!

  3. Andrea

    My daughter is a freshman at college this year. It has been so special to receive texts from her with a photo from her open Bible and a note saying she remembers that verse (through Seeds). The verses we learned while listening to Seeds in the car will be with her (and me) for life!

  4. Joann Kochenderfer (verified owner)

    There is so much Christian music from which to chose today but NOTHING else is quite like Seeds. This music is about all I listen to anymore. And Volume 15 Power, in particular, nails it. Aside from a couple of verb tenses in “Power,” the entire album is VERBATIM from Scripture, making it ideal for memorizing/hiding the Word in our hearts! The catchy melodies stick with me or come to me even when I’m not singing along, encouraging “meditating on (the Word) day and night.” I wish more folks knew about Seeds Family Worship!

  5. Carrie McMinn (verified owner)

    We love all the Seeds Family Worship CD’s. It’s so great to hear our 2-year old singing these songs. We’ve had Power for about a month now, and we are really enjoying it. We are going to buy the bulk pack of all the CD’s to give as Christmas gifts.

  6. Brenda S. (verified owner)

    Motivating, heart-filling, and awe-inspiring!

  7. Rebecca Jalbert

    As with all seeds album’s the music and singing are great. But the best part is that, it is God’s Word. Seeds music is for everyone ! I am 57 and have all the seeds album’s on my phone and listen to them often.

  8. Elizabeth R

    This album is FULL of life giving, joyful songs. Seeds never fails to create beautiful music out of Gods word- and the Power album is no exception. The songs are creatively diverse, and perfect to listen to if you want your fam to easily memorize the word. LOVE it!!

  9. Christine

    I really enjoyed track number 3, “Power”; it was the only one I listened to until the end. I’ve really enjoyed these CDs, but I wasn’t as excited about the other songs on this CD or those on the “I Believe” CD. It’s probably just personal preference, but I’m not as big a fan of the electronic sounds.

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