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A child’s worldview is set by the age of 13, so Don’t Miss This Moment to impact their lives for eternity.

Who We are

Seeds Kids Worship is a nonprofit ministry team passionate about coming alongside parents and Children’s Ministry leaders to disciple kids to win the hearts of the next generation for Jesus. 

We are songwriters, worship leaders, producers, artists, and Children’s Ministry leaders using creative media to help kids learn God’s Word and experience Him in a life-changing way. Meet the Seeds team here.

What We Do

Our creative team creates scripture-based worship music and videos that connect the hearts of kids to the Word of God. 

We believe that kids who Sing God’s Word, Know God’s Word - and our ultimate desire is to see them Love God! 

We’ve crafted over 200 songs and videos that engage kids in worship and help plant God’s Word in their hearts and minds. In our 20 years of ministry, we believe the battle for the hearts of kids is the most intense we have seen.

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How Did Seeds Get Started?

Before Seeds started in the early 2000’s, Seeds founder Jason Houser was working in the country music industry - and at that time music was an idol in his life. The weight of that idol was crushing his marriage and young family. God used this difficult moment in Jason’s life to cause him to surrender music, his marriage and his family to God. Psalm 40:1-3 (Out of the Mud) became Jason’s redemption song once music was under the Lord’s authority:

"I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God."

Following that season of surrender, God put his favor on Jason’s songwriting and music production. He created music with Matthew West, including the songs “More”, “The Motions” and “Broken Things” - which all became #1 Songs on Christian Radio. During that same timeframe, Jason was serving in Children’s Ministry at his local church in Franklin, TN. He was asked to write some original scripture music for their summer Vacation Bible School. The songs he wrote became the genesis of the Seeds ministry, several of them were included on the first Seeds album "Seeds of Courage", including “Young (1 Timothy 4:12)” and “Crushed (Psalm 34:10)”.

What Does Seeds provide?

Seeds Kids Worship has created 19 full albums, 2 holiday EP’s and over 200 scripture songs and videos to engage kids in singing God’s Word in worship. In addition, we have created the brand new Sing God’s Word Kids Show to take kids deeper into learning God’s Word. We have also put together a collection of books and other resources for you to use in child discipleship. Don’t miss this moment to impact your kids with God’s Word!

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Other Partners

Seeds has partnered with incredible Christian ministries to create Bible memory songs for their Vacation Bible School, child-discipleship resources and curriculum.

What Parents, Pastors & Kids Are Saying

We have even been supporting your ministry for the last few years because we believe you are doing such an incredible and important work for the kingdom of God.


We listen to your CDs in the car all the time and we love them. My 3 year old thanks God “for the best best BEST CD in the whole wide world!” at every prayer.


Thank you for making God’s Word into beautiful anthems to sing in our home and worship the Lord. We are beyond blessed by your creativity and work.


I just love your resources! The music gets stuck in my head, and the actions are so uplifting and really connect the whole body/emotions to the meaning.


I am thankful that you guys are making songs to scripture. They are worshipful, reverent, and full of truth.


We had such a fun time.  It’s a fabulous way to memorize scripture.  This was a fun way to implant God’s word in our heart as we study the book of James.


My three-year-old watches Seeds worship videos everyday. She begs for them. She loved her new shirts!!! Thank you, friends!


Your songs have helped him memorize his verses with ease, thank you so much for the work you do!!


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