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13 reviews for Seeds of Praise

  1. Stephanie Westbrook (verified owner)

    After using the Seeds songs in our Children’s Ministry, I bought a few CDs to have personally. We put these on in the car and the WHOLE family enjoys listening to them. It is such an easy way to get the Word of God into ALL of our hearts and minds. I often find myself with these songs stuck in my head, so all day long I am singing the Word. A wonderful resource!

  2. Cheryl Kapteyn

    I have bought this for all my grandkids. One Sunday, Psalm 63 was read in church and our 3 year old granddaughter looked at me and said “I know this!” They all love this CD!

  3. Rachel

    We have many Seeds CDs, and this is one of our favorites. My kids ask to listen to it often. We’ve had a number of great conversations about what the scriptures mean and how they apply to our lives. This music is such a great way to memorize the word of God!

  4. Me (verified owner)

    Love to listen to my Seeds music while I am mowing, driving in the car or just at home. Always a good time to listen to God’s Word and Seeds makes it fun. 🙂

  5. Joanna (verified owner)

    I always keep a few albums in my car. One reason is they turn my thoughts and heart to God on the way to and from work. The other reason is when I come across people with children who are interested in God but don’t go to church, I give them one. I gave my last “Praise” CD to a mom with 2 cute little girls at McDonald’s, so I’m very thankful for the buy one/give one that you offer.

  6. Susie Rees

    Seeds of Praise has lots of different songs. My favourite is ‘Praise the Lord’. My sister and I always sing all the songs and we know all the words ? I love them!! ?

  7. Pamela

    MY favorite! Music that’s not just for kids!

  8. Rebecca H

    We just discovered Seeds recently and what an awesome ministry and resource! We’ve been using them in our family worship time at home and my husband has been using them during our Family Sunday worship services! Love them!

  9. Rebecca (verified owner)

    My husband and I bought our first seeds CD at church before we even had kids. We learned so many verses together. Now our boys are learning them!

  10. Sara (verified owner)

    All of my family (me, husband, and daughters ages 10, 7, 4) have memorized more scripture in the last couple years while listening to Seeds than we had in many years.

  11. Holly (verified owner)

    We love having Bible music playing in our house to help keep us focused on what is true and right. Also love all of us being able to recall scripture

  12. Missi (verified owner)

    Learning scripture is so powerful in this life and these songs are easy to learn

  13. Stephanie (verified owner)

    It helps to know so much about Christ and the Bible in a fun way.

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