Seeds from The Word: Be Kind

Seeds from The Word our Monday devotional to encourage you and your family!

Sometimes I can feel my blood boiling at my family or friends. It's hard working with people, even my OWN people! Paul shows us a better response in Ephesians than being so quick to react to the frustrations around us. Maybe you've been a bit impatient lately and it's time to take a breath ask for forgiveness and forgive those around you. ALL of us need one another's love and forgiveness even if it has to be given and received so many times. Remember grace is our POWER and its even more powerful when we give it away just as Christ does for us!

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Photo of our Ministry Director in the Seeds Kids Worship office

Sabrina Harrison

Sabrina Harrison has been leading Kids Worship for over 20 years. She values her worship experiences at Summer Camp and Vacation Bible School the most. She loves to train up future worship leaders with her 5th and 6th Graders that are moving or have moved into Middle School Youth Group. Her favorite Seeds Kids Worship song is More Than Conquerors.

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