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How to Teach your Kids the Lesson of Generosity

How to Teach your Kids the Lesson of Generosity

How To Teach Your Kids Generosity

Imagine a day when you could clean your house, get rid of clutter, show someone that you care and generally make the world a better place. Could a day like this actually exist? Yes, it does! In fact, you are invited to celebrate it with us… July 15 we celebrate National Give Something Away Day! This gives you the opportunity to teach your kids generosity.

Giving is a simple act that can brighten someone’s day and truly bring about positive change. Whether it is something small like giving a compliment, giving a friend a jacket of yours she really likes, or donating clothes to those less fortunate - all of these little things can make a big impact.

Even though giving is a selfless act, the reward goes both ways. Jesus himself was quoted saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). We receive joy from giving, and at the same time we can let go of items that we no longer need. Generosity helps us learn to be grateful for all of our blessings and simultaneously demonstrate kindness and improve our community.

Five Ideas to Teach Your Kids Generosity

1. Donate Clothing and Toys To a Thrift Store or Shelter

Donating is one of those age-old habits that will always be the mark of a generous person. When you practice this with your children, it’s important that you allow them to choose which toys to give away. Set a goal for what number of toys to give, and share with them who they will be going to.

Be sure to encourage choosing clothes and toys that are newer or gently used. By giving the best items, your child learns sacrificial giving, and newer or gently used items provide a greater sense of dignity among those receiving your gift. Here is a helpful article on what and where you can give.

2. Spend Some Time With Someone Who Needs Your Company

Teaching children that sharing their time with someone else helps them understand generosity to others. A visit with your next-door neighbor or spending time at a nursing home is a great way to share time with others.

Maybe making a craft, card or cookies ahead of time will help break the ice and make the person feel loved and valued. 

3. Enroll Your Children In Volunteering Opportunities

Actions are indeed important. As a parent, you have a lot of influence over the things your children do. The summer often offers a lot of free time, and this can be the perfect opportunity to get them started with some volunteer work.

How about finding some volunteer opportunities for kids? This is an ideal way to let them explore their generous side. It will also provide a way for them to gain perspective and compassion during the projects. Volunteer opportunities for kids can be one-time projects or something that is done on an ongoing basis. If your kids are young, look for things you can do together as a family.

4. Model Generosity

 Think about your own attitude toward charity and what messages you are sending to your children.

  • Do they reflect the same kindness and sensitivity to others that you would like your children to exhibit?
  • Do your children see you helping neighbors, giving to charity, or donating items to those in need?

Often your children are unaware of your generosity when you only write checks to charity or if they do not see you when you run an errand for a sick neighbor or cook a double batch of dinner for a struggling family. Let your children know when you perform acts of kindness so they can see your example. 

5. Give Something Away

We want to join you in your efforts of teaching your children generosity by providing you with an additional Armor of God CD when you purchase a CD for your family. When you buy one you will get one free so your family can give it away! Check it out here.

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