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Worship Girl Surprises A Family

Worship Girl Surprises a family

I love being the ‘Worship Girl” at Seeds Family Worship. It has been the super honor of my life to lead kids in worship at home, on tour, and through our video worship series. I am always blown away when I go somewhere and someone recognizes me or when I get letters from Seeds families. There was even a time when I was in Greece and a lady asked me, “How do I know you?” We quickly found out it was from Seeds! I love seeing God use Seeds all over the world… mind blowing!

Letter From A Family

Recently I got the sweetest letter from 4-year-old Hanna. You can see the letter below, but here is what she said to me:

“Dear Kylie, I love you. You are an instrumental. That means you’re my sibling. Your my best friend and I love you very much. I think you are very special. But you can not love the sneaky snake (satan). Love JESUS! Love, Hanna

When I received this letter, I saw the address was only 30 minutes from where my husband, daughter and I were living. I asked my husband, Matthew, “What if we just showed up and surprised this family?” He said, “YES, let’s do it.” On that note, we headed out the door to go encourage a family.

Worship Girl Surprises A Family!

This seemed a little crazy to be doing this, but we were excited. After we arrived, we stepped nervously up to the door and knocked. The door swung open and they were like “KYLIE”! We were greeted with such love and excitement. My husband describes their greeting as someone who just found out they won a million-dollar prize, it was so special to be greeted like that. They were excited to see us.

After an awesome and encouraging conversation, I was able to do hand motions to ’Strong and Courageous” with Hannah (4) and Lyla (2). It was so fun seeing these kids so excited about learning God’s Word.

Letter to the Seeds Team

After our visit, Sarah (the MOM) sent this letter to our Seeds Team:

“Hannah (4) and Lyla (2) were both pretty awestruck. Both of my girls look up to Kylie and love following along with her on the DVDs, and lately whenever Hannah would see her smiling on the hand-motions videos, she would say “Mom, I think Kylie is smiling at me because she got my letter in the mail!”

So when Kylie personally thanked Hannah for her letter, it blew her away. Kylie is like a Disney Princess to my daughters. So having her in our house doing a hand-motions song with them was as good as Disneyland to my kids.

As parents, we’ve been the biggest supporters of Seeds Family Worship and have thanked Jesus time and time again for the many ways we’ve seen Seeds affecting our kids, our home, and our hearts through the power of God’s Word. We never expected a knock on our door and a personal and precious visit with Kylie, Matthew, and Autumn, so that just put it over the top for us. There’s something truly awesome about taking time to bless one little family like that. We appreciate it so much.”

Encouragement From Other Seeds Families

It was an honor meeting such an awesome family with a passion for JESUS. It encouraged us so big to spend time with them and mutually encourage each other. They are a family on mission with God and raising their kids in the love of the Lord.

It also made me deeply appreciate all the families out there that are helping their kids discover how awesome JESUS is and He is worth following with our lives. I grew up singing Seeds and it has such a huge impact on my life and now watching it happen in the next generation is so awesome.


Kylie Lynch

When Kylie was 13 years old she gave her heart to the Lord and soon felt a call to full time missions. She knew she did not have to wait until later to be a missionary and spent her teen years focused on building her relationship with God and reaching out to others. Kylie has been a Seeds Family Worship Missionary- creating hand motions, making videos and traveling with our team for live events for the last 7 years. This has been a BIG passion of her life as she loves being able to lead kids and families in worship! Today, Kylie is newly married and living in Washington state where her and husband Matthew are in training to become full time missionary overseas.

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