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Who holds the authority in your life? Worry or Jesus?

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Who holds the authority in your life? Worry or Jesus?

I love reading about the authority of Jesus! Jesus has authority over anything and everything, and throughout Mark, we see Jesus display His power. Jesus took this little girl by the hand and said, "Little girl, arise," and IMMEDIATELY, this girl who was dead got up. Jesus has authority over death!

We follow Jesus, who has ultimate power everywhere - in heaven and on earth. He can heal sickness, control nature, and even make evil forces flee with just a word. He's the one who can bring the dead back to life. So, I want to encourage you today to trust in Jesus. In Matthew 28:18, it's clear that he has all authority. This means no matter your struggles or challenges, Jesus, who has all authority, is by your side and supports you if you trust him.

So, does trusting in Jesus mean you'll be instantly cured of all your illnesses today? Not necessarily. But it's not because Jesus lacks authority over sickness. As we see in Mark 5, Jesus is always at work, even in ways we might not notice or understand. Take the story of the little girl - imagine being her father, Jairus, watching Jesus pause to help someone else while your own child is on the brink of death. People might even come to you, saying, "It's too late now, Jesus didn't make it in time."

When Jesus saw Jairus, the leader of the synagogue, He said, "Don't be afraid, just have faith." Believe that Jesus has all power and wisdom, that He deeply cares for you, and that He's working for your good, as well as for others' good and for His glory. You can trust the one who commands the wind and the waves, who makes demons run away, and who has authority over sickness and even death itself. He's not just your savior; He's your friend and your God.

/ Inspired by David Platt's Blog, Pray the Word, Lord Over All

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Sabrina Harrison

Sabrina Harrison has been leading Kids Worship for over 20 years. She values her worship experiences at Summer Camp and Vacation Bible School the most. She loves to train up future worship leaders with her 5th and 6th Graders that are moving or have moved into Middle School Youth Group. Her favorite Seeds Kids Worship song is More Than Conquerors.

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