Sing God’s Word Wrap Up!

Sing God's Word Wrap Up!

This summer's Sing God’s Word Tour was not only fun but was an inspiration as we saw the impact these events had on families. We love to SING GOD's WORD with kids and families! We were encouraged as we traveled across the country re-visiting churches we have seen in the past and getting to meet and build new relationships with the body of Christ! 

Where Did We Go?

We had the blessing of having more events than last year, and some new locations! One of the amazing things about being able to tour is how we are able to take part in so many different churches and styles of christ-like community all across the country. It is not only enjoyable but a great learning experience as well. With that, here are some of the churches we partnered with this summer:

1. Rosenberg, TX | July 10th
2. Dallas, TX | July 14th
3. Durant, OK | July 16th
4. Dallas, TX  (Live Stream) | July 18th
5. Indianapolis, IN | July 23rd
6. Wildwood, MO | July 25th
7. Ft. Wayne, IN | August 15th
8. San Antonio, TX | August 29th

Pictures taken by Jen Moser

These events were so fun and unique in their own way! We played at churches with really young families and kids, while others had teenagers and even young adults! Some of these families drove multiple hours to come to see our events! The concerts were powerful and fun, and it was a blessing to talk to families and hear their stories! This summer we found out how Seeds and bouncy houses go together! We could always tell which church we were going to play at because it usually had a red and yellow castle outside. Although we never went into one, it was fun watching the kids go wild in them!

Highlights From the Tour

We had an awesome time in each individual city, and meeting the locals in each place is always a highlight. A few churches that we went to had these foam/bubble machines that seemed to make kids go CRAZY! I mean, I am 19 years old and I still think they’re awesome. And nothing makes kids more excited than pulling members from the seeds band into the foam with them. Although some of our clothing may never be the same after this, it was a funny highlight for each event that had these foam machines.

Another highlight was our event in Ft. Wayne Indiana. We got to meet up with an old family friend of ours, who was a part of our school and church here in Idaho. We spent time with him, his family, and were able to see the new school he is with now. While we were there, we not only connected with the families at the event but the church staff also. They let us know that they had been planning this big family event for months so they could reach their community with our music. It was so encouraging hearing this, and our team soaked up every minute of the event. Our time spent in Ft. Wayne was incredible, and we were blessed to do a Sing God’s Word event there.

Last but not least was our College Park event in Indianapolis, Indiana. The event was amazing top to bottom, and once we finished we were able to speak with the families who had traveled many hours to see us. The kids and parents were all excited to tell us how much they loved Seeds, and we were able to talk to each family and hear their stories. It was so cool hearing each family tell us how Seeds has impacted their lives, and how encouraging the concert was to them. Often there are so many details into keeping our ministry running whether it is with marketing, videos, or event planning. But hearing the testimonies from these families not only encouraged us, but reminded us why the Lord has called us to this, and we are always thankful for those moments

Last but not least, 


We were blessed to have God’s favor with our team as we did events this summer. Through every technical piece and to every person we encountered, it felt like God was with us. We are so grateful for everything God has done through our ministry this summer, and we can’t wait to see where God takes Seeds in the future!


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