When You Lie Down: Lullabies and Scripture Songs DVD or Digital Download (Church)


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2 reviews for When You Lie Down: Lullabies and Scripture Songs DVD or Digital Download (Church)

  1. Corinna

    This is the second Seeds CD I have purchased. Our family has been impressed by the quality and sound of each. While this album is billed as a “lullabies & scripture song” CD, I find it to have less of a “lullaby” feel than the standard lullaby CD I had encountered. However though, this is not necessarily a negative criticism. It simply means the sound is different than I expected. Clearly, the album has a more relaxed vibe than the “Seeds of Courage” album we have. Could this lullaby CD be used when putting children to bed? Possibly. I recommend you listen to each of the songs before purchasing to determine that. (Thanks Seeds for allowing buyers to do that.) I did listen prior to purchasing, and I am not disappointed in any way. I like to play this album first thing in the morning as we prepare for the homeschool day; it seems to set all of our hearts on the right course.

    Seeds of Worship produces excellent and engaging modern songs, yet is grounded in the Word. Thank you Seeds team for creating another pathway for this mother to minister to her children’s hearts and minds, prayerfully getting them rooted in scripture. May your your songs forever be a part of growing “oaks of righteousness” in our home and the homes of countless others.

  2. Corinna

    This is the second Seeds of Worship album I’ve purchased. While this is billed as a lullabies CD, we find this album also to be a calming, but engaging way to get our hearts focused on the Lord early in the day as we prepare for homeschool. These particular scripture songs provide a great foundation for my kids to know the love and peace found only in seeking and resting in our heavenly Father.

    The Seeds team produces excellent modern songs that my children (ages 10 & 5) relate to, and as their mother, I am thrilled to have another pathway to get the Word firmly planted in their hearts and minds, prayerfully growing “oaks of righteousness” one day. Thank you Seeds of Worship for helping me minister to my children through song.

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