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10 reviews for All of Them: Seeds 18 CD Bundle – Original

  1. Carrie

    We and our 4 little kids LOVE the Seeds Family Worship CDs! We are using them for our homeschool Bible verse spine, and I suggest them to everyone!
    Little story: After our 5yo daughter had 3.5 years of daily/nightly pain, I had pulled over to hear the doc tell us she had a large tumor in her spinal cord (she’s post surgery and recovering now). When I turned on the car again, the music turned on too, and my 5yo immediately starts belting out the Jer 33:3 song “Call to Me” (and I will answer you.) That will be a special song for me forever! He certainly answers us!

  2. Jane Rowland

    I can’t imagine our family without Seeds Family Worship! Seeds music has become the culture of our home, our kids have grown up with it their entire lives and I know without a doubt that Jesus has planted something eternal in the hearts of our children and our entire family through Seeds. He has promised that His Word doesn’t return void, that means every time you turn on a Seeds album, the atmosphere IS CHANGING in your hearts + in your homes. For the better! I promise.. better yet, He promises. Luke 1:27 “for the Word of God will NEVER fail.”

  3. Pei Lee

    My kids love them!! These are great for learning verses, and good to have as gifts !!

  4. Kelly

    We love these CDs. We use them in the car, before bed, and give them to friends new babies. The music is pleasant to listen to for both kids and adults (like worship choruses at church) and is word for word scripture. Memorization happens just by listening!

  5. Amanda

    This “all of ’em” package is a great deal – I kept one set of cds for our family to enjoy, and then used the rest as gifts throughout the year. One of these cds is a great thing to stick in a birthday gift or Christmas stocking!

  6. Margaret Chapman

    Seeds has been instrumental (pun intended) in our family’s spiritual formation. So thankful for the creativity that the Father gives for the joy of his people.

  7. Margaret

    We buy these by the case. We give them at Halloween, or whenever someone needs to be infused with God’s Word. It’s much less intimidating than giving them a Bible, it goes right to the soul, and encourages people through hard times. Unlike just uplifting Christian songs, which are also good, God promises that His Word will not return void without accomplishing what He desires.

  8. Melissa

    I’m excited about these, have heard a lot about them! Especially, the Seeds of Character. 🙂

  9. Krista (verified owner)

    Our family loves Seeds! We have learned so much truth and have stored up the Word in our hearts in such a beautiful, easy and fun way!! I am giving these to my mom as she strives to store the Word in her own heart. Praying these will be a great blessing to her as it has been for our family.

  10. Laura Wood (verified owner)

    We love Seeds Family Worship songs! I have learned so much scripture effortlessly, that I had to get some more for my grandchildren! We also use the videos for our AWANA program!

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