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6 reviews for Trust Bible Memory Cards – Out of Stock

  1. Tammy

    These scripture cards are beautiful works of art! We moved not long ago, so I’m still searching for the perfect wall to showcase these on, but I can hardly wait to have a wall full of these gorgeous scripture verses. I am also planning to put some in each of my kids rooms and rotate them out occasionally.

  2. Nora Lawson

    These cards are gorgeous. We’re covering one verse per week right now and we listen to the corresponding song everyday. I set up the card in our homeschool room using the stand so the kids have it to refer to throughout the day and week. Then we do the new devotion and change out the card. The kids have effortlessly memorized all the ones we’ve covered so far. They don’t even have to try…the scriptures just stick! And once we go through them all, I plan to put them in frames. We’re Seeds users for life.

  3. Melissa

    Beautifully done! These are near our breakfast table so we can see them daily. Love the variety of designs and colors on the cards.

  4. Katie

    We love these! They fit in our memorization notebook and we learn them one at a time. I wish every CD came with them.

  5. Ruth Bazemore

    I love these cards! I used these and the one’s in the Christmas box for my Sunday school class. I teach Pre-K and Kindergarten and because of the colors they are able to associate with the scriptures! Highly recommend

  6. Liana

    We love the memory cards! I wish they were available for all CD’s. We have a frame in the dinning room that we rotate the cards! Thank you!

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