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Major Changes At Seeds

Gods Worship In Kids Worship

Dear Seeds Families & Churches,

We LOVE sharing God’s Word with kids and families! God's Word is powerful and we hear so many testimonies of how He used His Word through Seeds to save, comfort, encourage, and bring joy to many! We are thankful for all of you who purchase, listen, watch, stream and share Seeds with others!

Several years ago we started making lyric videos for all of our Seeds music. These videos have really become a staple of the Seeds ministry. We have churches around the world that use them for kids worship, for VBS, for after school programs, for mission trips and more. We see them being used in public school, private schools, pregnancy resource centers and kids ministries everywhere.

These videos are loved by families too. They are a great way for parents and grandparents to plant God’s Word in the heart of kids, great for homeschooling, great for family devotions and for families to start their day.  These videos are also the main component of our Family Worship Guides, making family worship meaningful, easy and fun. The Hand Motion videos have been such a hit and we love all the video we get of kids doing hand motions with Kylie (worship girl).

This year we will complete a multi-year task of creating a lyric video for every Seeds song. In the future, every time we release a new song, the accompanying videos will be released at the same time. We are so excited about this!

These videos are expensive to make, but are a big part of accomplishing our mission of seeing God’s Word planted in the hearts of kids and families. When we launched these videos years ago, we tried to have a price point that would work well for the family and church. What we have found is that in many cases videos are too expensive for the family and churches are not getting all the resources they need to use them with their programs. So on AUG 10th we are making a BIG CHANGE. Here it is:

Seeds DVD’s & Videos For The Family: We are making the DVD’s as affordable as possible for the family and on AUG 10th the price is dropping from $21.97 to $13.97 for the DVD or Digital Download. (This will be for home use only.)

Seeds DVD’s & Videos For The Church: When you come to our store there is now videos for home' and videos for church’. On the videos for church section you can purchase the DVD or Digital Download or just the individual video that you need. We are making simple to search by title, scripture or grouping to get you exactly what you are looking for. You will also get a ‘Group Viewing License’ with each purchase. This license is now necessary for videos which are used for group viewing (beginning 8/10).

If you purchased your DVD’s or videos before AUG 10, 2018 you will not need a Group Viewing License to use them in your church, school or ministry. Anything that is purchased after AUG 10th will need a Group Viewing License (for any kind of group viewing).

I want to make you aware that the price for videos with group viewing license will be more than the current price point. If you are a church, school or ministry that uses our videos for group viewing or ministry, I would encourage you to considering making additional video purchase before AUG 10, 2018. (This will save your church or ministry money.)

We believe this change will be a blessing to families and the churches. This change will also help us continue on it’s mission of planting God’s Word in as many hearts as possible around the world. As always, if your family or church can not afford Seeds, please fill out the FREE SEEDS form on our website.

Thank you again for all of your support. We are so grateful and thankful for you.

Keep Planting,

Jason Houser
Seeds Founder 


Jason Houser

Jason Houser is a worship leader, songwriter and the founder of the Seeds Kids Worship ministry. Looking back now, he never would have imagined that leading worship at his church’s Vacation Bible School in 2002 would be the beginning of the Seeds ministry. Jason is a Grammy-nominated songwriter that has co-written several #1 songs, including “More”, and “The Motions”, for Matthew West and “Hide” for Joy Williams. He also co-wrote Matthew West’s current radio single called “Broken Things”. Jason has also co-written a parenting book called “Dedicated: Training Children To Trust and Follow Jesus” (Zondervan) with Pastor Bobby Harrington and his son Chad Harrington. The book shares the biblical principles that formed a foundation for the Houser family when their children were young.

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