I Believe Summer Tour Wrap-Up!

Abby Houser leading worship


With all the unforeseen craziness 2020 has brought, the I Believe Tour has been a miracle from the Lord! We had originally planned a 16 city tour through the US, but as COVID-19 hit we had to cancel most events. As we sought the Lord and communicated with churches, we found God still had a plan for us to have a new revised mini-tour. This year we got revisit some amazing churches from 2019 and were also introduced to new churches for the first time. This I Believe Tour was an amazing feat that the Lord used to bless many churches and families.

Only 5 Events This Summer?!

That is right... 5 Seeds events this year. Although this was not what we expected, the Lord still blessed it in huge ways. Here are the 5 events this tour:
Eugene, OR | June 6th

  • Wildwood, MO | Fellowship of Wildwood - July 26th
  • Eugene, OR | August 8th
  • Durant, OK | Fusion Bible Church - August 21st
  • Dallas, TX | Seeds Live Stream | C3 Trinity - August 23rd
  • Each event was incredibly fun in their own unique way. Our 2 events in Eugene we played in an open steel garage/shop on a small and intimate stage. At Fellowship of the Wildwood, we played 2 "masked" church services. Although we couldn't see everyone's faces, we like to imagine that there were singing and smiling. At Fusion Bible Church, we were encouraged as we saw the impact we left from the Trust Jesus Tour! Every kid in the crowd was singing God's Word to nearly all of our scripture songs! The Lord moved in huge ways through all of our events, and we are so grateful.

    This live-streamed concert was greatly anticipated since the beginning of the tour. We had been planning, advertising, and praying that this would be our biggest event yet! Our team was so excited and was counting down the days until August 23rd. But as you would expect in 2020, right before this event there was a major challenge that presented itself.

    We were in the mall prior to our show out eating lunch, talking about our event. My dad suddenly received a phone call while we were eating, but we didn't think anything of it. Once he got off the phone, he got very serious as he told us the news. Our head live-stream and tech manager had just tested positive for COVID-19.

    We were all shocked as we got up and left the mall and went back to our Airbnb. We immediately started talking about worst and best-case scenarios, and if we should continue with the event tomorrow. It was so heartbreaking to have this conversation as we all were looking forward to this so much. We knew our team desperately needed to pray. We gathered up the whole Seeds team and staff over Facetime and prayed together. It was a long and difficult prayer session as we were all under spiritual attack, but by the end of it, we decided we would push on to do the Live Event.

    The next day we arrived at the church and started setting up for the live-stream. With the help of the rest of the tech crew, and our lead manager on Facetime (who was feeling very sick now), we pulled off the event! Although there wasn't a live audience, we felt just as connected as if there was one. There was so much energy from everyone on stage, it made our empty-roomed concert seem full! This was our most attended event in Seeds history. Between Facebook & Youtube we had over 12,900 views. Although we don't know how many actual people that was... we know we had kids and families worshiping with us all over the world.


    God put his favor on this tour, even with all of the hardships we faced. There were many difficult things that we encountered, but the Lord came through for every event. We got to see friends from last year and make new relationships for years to come. It was such an incredible experience and we can't wait to see what God has for Seeds has in the future!


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