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Kids Christian Music

Christ-Centered Music For Kids

I am always looking for awesome Christian music for kids. People who know me are aware that one of my biggest passions is to have my kids walk with God. I didn’t want them to be religious or think Christianity has a book of rules like so many do in today’s culture. I wanted them to experience the true life of Christ living in them, walking in a relationship with Jesus, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that we should abide in Him, and He would abide in us and we would bear fruit.

I love great Christ-centered music for kids! We are able to sing, dance, and have fun around God’s Word and truth with music. Thanks to great music from Seeds Family Worship, Yancy, Ellie Holcomb, and many others, we are equipped and enabled to learn scripture and sing the truth.

Memorizing Scripture With My Kids

This will sound like a brag, so forgive me… but today all three of my kids know over 100 scriptures. Honestly, we didn't really try either, we just listened to Seeds Family Worship in the background of life for over the last 16 years. Often when my daughter and I hike, we play a game where we say scripture back and forth to each other until one of us can no longer come up with a new one. (Really, we sing them to each other because we often can’t say them.)

Also, it was music by Yancy over 10 years ago with the song “Paid In Full” that my kids really connected with what Jesus did on the cross for them. That they were bought, the price was high and Jesus willingly paid it.

God has used music to impact my kids in a big way. All three of our kids are passionate about Jesus and serving Him today. Now, we talk about being finishers and walking with God from this life to the next. Music is still encouraging us on a journey as we walk with Him.

Top Kids' Christian Artists

There is a lot of great Christian music out there for babies, kids, and families. This is our current list of great kids Christian music, but we know there is more than we have listed, so please share your favorites in the comments.

1. Seeds Family Worship

Seeds makes awesome music for kids and families. We have 178 songs to word-for-word scripture and have also made a video for each one of them. On top of that, we have 96 hand motion videos to help kids engage in worship. You can find all Seeds music on all streaming platforms, you can purchase the CDs in our store, and see many of our videos on YouTube.

2. Lullaby House Music

Lullaby House Music comes from the creators of Seeds Family Worship. We are creating lullabies with a more contemporary feel without the strange bells and chimes. This is music that celebrates the precious gift of life, love, and family and brings a worshipful atmosphere to any home. You can stream it free from any platform. Check them out here.

3. Scripture Lullabies

The founderJay Stocker is an amazing and talented person and makes awesome, peaceful lullabies based on scripture. You can stream Scripture Lullabies music on all streaming platforms. You can also check them out here.

4. Yancy

Yancy is the leader in worship for kids. She has been creating awesome kids worship for the past two decades and has personally impacted my family. She is also an awesome human with a passion for Jesus that is infectious. You can check her out here!

5. Ellie Holcomb

Christian singer-songwriter Ellie Holcomb has released multiple children’s albums along with companion board books. in 2018, she released her album Sing: Creation Songs with the book Who Sang the First Song?. and in 2020 Sing: Remembering Songs with the book Don’t Forget to Remember.

6. Doorpost Songs

 Doorpost Songs was created by worship leaders Dave and Jess Ray in 2011. Each of their songs are based on scripture, including Wonderful (Psalm 139:7-16) and The Way (John 14:6-7). They have been incredible partners in ministry and we know you'll love their music! Learn more about them here!

7. The Corner Room

Out of Birmingham, Alabama is The Corner Room. It all began as they started writing Psalms to songs, and almost six years later, he's written and recorded over 25 songs straight from the pages of Scripture. They recently released an awesome album for kids: Remember and Proclaim: Scripture Songs for Little Ones.

8. Austin Stone Worship: Kids

in 2016, Austin Stone Worship released a worship album for kids: Only Jesus, along with high-energy, interactive lyric & dance videos for each song from the album This music is upbeat, anthemic, and catchy. Also, be sure to check out their online resources.

9. Rain For Roots

Rain for Roots is a collective group of musicians and songwriters who write singable Scripture songs for kids and grown-ups alike. Their four albums are amazing: Big Stories for Little Ones in 2012, created in partnership with Sally Lloyd-Jones; The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This in 2014, inspired by Jesus’s parables; an Advent album in 2016, called Waiting Songs; and a newly released collection inspired by the Psalms called All Creatures.

10. Hillsong Kids

Hillsong Kids music is alive with biblical truth made relevant to kids through song. Their newest album "Can You Believe It" is full of impactful songs for kids worship. They also make engaging videos to go along with it! on top of their music, they have additional resources such as books, blogs, apparel, and even an app.

11. JJ Heller

There is a child in all of us, and that's who JJ Heller makes music for. Heller has over 10 albums available on streaming platforms and is currently releasing a new song on the first Friday of each month.

12. Rend Collective Kids

Rend Collective released an upbeat, fun worship album for kids last year called "Sparkle. Pop. Rampage" that's also quite enjoyable for adults. Be sure to check out their high-quality website to find their music, blog, and devotionals.

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