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Can you Dig It? Celebrate National Plant a Flower Day

Plant a Flower Day

Planting a flower or an entire garden together can reap quite an impressive number of benefits, including spending quality time with your family.

Whether you have a large outdoor space or live in a small apartment, the importance of gardening together as a family cannot be understated.

Read on to discover how and why gardening as a family is important and beneficial for everyone in your household.

You'll Spend Quality Time Together

The process of gardening requires a lot of work and preparation. When you begin this process as a family, you'll get to spend authentic, quality time with each other.

As you work in your garden, you'll foster a close relationship with your children. As the seeds you plant together begin to grow, so will your relationship.

Watching the plants that you've planted start to grow is an incredible achievement. When the planting is done together as a family, it makes the entire process even more meaningful from start to finish.

Use this Time to Talk about Beauty

Seeing new sprouts of life in a planter or garden teaches us that there is beauty at every age and stage of life. A flower is beautiful when it is new and green in the springtime. It also is beautiful in the fall when it turns brown. 

Each human being is beautiful at every stage, age, condition, or functioning level of life. When we view someone as ugly, that does not make him or her ugly. It merely means that our minds and hearts have been blinded, or we have chosen not to see a person’s inward and outward beauty. How boring would life be if all people were exactly the same? God appreciates variety, so he created each person to be unique. We are like flowers in that we are all different sizes, shapes, and colors.

The Importance of Gardening for Families

Growing your garden will inspire you to try new things, get more active, and spend more time outdoors. This process is extremely important for developing children and for busy adults alike.

When you garden, it provides a wonderful way to relieve some stress and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. This is also a fantastic time to teach your children more about plant life and the natural world.

Another key role that family gardening plays is that you'll teach your children skills that can be passed from one generation to the next. When you make gardening a tradition, it will carry on through many more generations to follow.

Getting your hands dirty, cultivating plants, and harvesting your garden helps encourage a meaningful experience for everyone. 

Make Gardening a Family Affair

Once you realize the importance of gardening together, you can make it a family tradition that will last. From planting container gardens inside to working on your outdoor vegetable garden, this process creates a meaningful connection between yourself and other members of the family.

Use your garden as a teaching tool for your kids. Don't forget to appreciate the process of gardening and enjoy how it reduces stress levels while you spend quality time outside.

Don’t Forget to Worship while you Dig

Times with your hands in the dirt and the wind blowing through your hair are great moments to lift some songs of praise to Savior. Here’s a good song to worship to while you plant together. 

Now’s also a Good Time to Plant a Resurrection Garden

Using a variety of basic garden supplies this is a phenomenal visual to teach kids about the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ideally, you plant your Resurrection Garden at the start of Holy Week, Palm Sunday. The goal is to plant it, wait and watch for it to sprout a pot full of grass by Easter/Resurrection Sunday. With an ounce of patience, you will have grass 7 days later. Check out the how-to-steps plus the scripture references that go with each day’s gardening.

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