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6 Mins Read
Put on the Armor of God with Seeds Kids Worship

Put On The Armor Of God with Seeds Family Worship!  I was in a church in Dallas, Texas last summ...

3 Mins Read
Rising from the Ashes

LOCAL NEWS out of BLOOMINGTON, Illinois  — Victory Church is “rising and rebuilding” after...

2 Mins Read
A Valuable Lesson… Kids Who Sing God’s Word, Know God’s Word

Kids ministry is hard, chaotic and it sometimes feels like we are getting nowhere with the kids. ...

4 Mins Read
The Story Behind the Song “Stand Firm”

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities...

4 Mins Read
5 Tools to Continue Teaching the Resurrection in Your Home

Let’s use this verse from Deuteronomy 6 to continue teaching about Jesus Christ after Easter Su...

3 Mins Read
7 Tips for Teaching a New Seeds Song

7 Tips for Teaching a New Seeds Kids Worship  Song 1 Teach with Passion The kids you’re le...

3 Mins Read
How One Homeschool Mom is Using Seeds Kids Worship to Reach her Kids (Part 1)

As I stood there waving, tears running down my face, I realized there was only one thing I cared ...

4 Mins Read
Can you Dig It? Celebrate National Plant a Flower Day

Planting a flower or an entire garden together can reap quite an impressive number of benefits, i...

Shoes For Your Feet from Ephesians 6

The Seeds ministry has been seeking God and praying about what He wants for us in 2023. We are ex...

Top 12 Kids Worship Videos For Easter From Seeds Kids Worship

Our Best Kids Worship Videos For Easter For 2023! We have brought together 12 kids’ worship...

2 Mins Read
Join The Mission with Seeds Kids Worship!

We want to say a big thank you to all of you for partnering with us, walking with us, and praying...

1 Min Read
Announcement: We Made A TV Show For Kids!

Sing God’s Word Kid’s Show  Season One Coming November 2022 (Next Month)  This fait...

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