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The Creation of JOYFUL – A Christmas Album

JOYFUL - A Christmas Album

WE DID IT! Finally, we have a full-length Christmas album. This is something that we have wanted for years… but wanted to make sure we created this album right in God's timing.

This album took longer to create than most of our other projects. This is one of the most prayed-over albums we have ever created. We had been praying faithfully over this album for over a year and have had specific prayer times over all the big recording moments. We pray that kids and families will sense the presence of the Holy Spirit and understand the true meaning of Christmas as they listen to the music.

We started writing these songs in November 2021. I am so thankful for this season where God has called our family to write and record worship music together for other families. I produced this album with my son Ben Houser as well as wrote and recorded with my son Brandon and nephew Caleb. Last but not least, my daughter Abby, who has been singing with our youth vocals for many years, sang her first solo on “Silent Night”.

This album is full of very special moments. We were blessed to record a live string section in Nashville to capture the beauty and mystery of the song “A Holy Miracle”. We got to record a saxophone solo celebrating the joy of Christmas on the debut song “Lying In a Manager”. And finally, we were able to travel to Indianapolis to record the New Creation Kids Choir and Nancy Awabdy at College Park Church. We hope hearing these incredible kids sing these Christmas songs will encourage your spirits and fill you with hope.

We created and recorded music at 435 Studios in Kalispell Montana, Dream Studio in Twin Falls Idaho, and Sodium Glow in Nashville Tennessee.  I also have to give a shout-out to our Nashville creative team! Kimber Terry - one of my favorite female voices in the world and to her Dad David Terry - our recording and mixing engineer. And finally the piano master and co-writer of two of my favorite songs on this album, Jeremy Good.

A couple of other things to share with you about this album: the album design was done by long team Seeds partner and friend, Philip Morlan. The clean design does a great job representing the music you will hear. The lyric videos were done by our awesome partners at Twelve:Thirty Media. They have helped us create more than 300 videos for Seeds and their partnership helps us reach so many kids for Christ. Lastly, our new worship girl is Elizabeth Rowland, the daughter of a long-time Seeds board member, Matthew Rowland. You will feel her JOY and heart for Jesus as she leads in worship.

When we began the journey of writing and creating a Christmas album, we had one goal- make it all about JESUS! He is the reason for Christmas and even more than that, the reason for life. Jesus is the greatest gift that has been given to us and His life and redemption are how we experience true life on this earth. Second, we wanted to create an album where kids and parents could experience the joy and wonder of Jesus together and we really believe that happened. Thanks to everyone who poured their hearts into this project to help families focus on the true miracle and meaning of Christmas - “the Good News of great joy that is for all people - a Savior has been born to us - He is Christ the Lord!”


Jason Houser

Jason Houser is a worship leader, songwriter and the founder of the Seeds Kids Worship ministry. Looking back now, he never would have imagined that leading worship at his church’s Vacation Bible School in 2002 would be the beginning of the Seeds ministry. Jason is a Grammy-nominated songwriter that has co-written several #1 songs, including “More”, and “The Motions”, for Matthew West and “Hide” for Joy Williams. He also co-wrote Matthew West’s current radio single called “Broken Things”. Jason has also co-written a parenting book called “Dedicated: Training Children To Trust and Follow Jesus” (Zondervan) with Pastor Bobby Harrington and his son Chad Harrington. The book shares the biblical principles that formed a foundation for the Houser family when their children were young.

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