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10 Family Activities To Make This The Best Easter Ever

If your heart could tell a story, if your life could sing a song, what would it be? Maybe the opening lyrics would state ‘what a weird year March was indeed’. Outfit coordinating, Easter lunches, sunrise services, and all other Easter “norms” have shifted to sorting pajamas, online gatherings, and endless fort buildings… Of course, this is no surprise to Jesus!

Leading up to Easter Sunday, our Seeds Team has collected and provided 10 family activities for Easter to inspire and bring excitement within your home. Sing-along to the Seeds Family Worship songs as you pick and choose your favourite activities. Let’s celebrate together!

10 Family Activities for Easter 

1. Seeds Online Easter Service

Have you been watching our Children's Online Services streaming LIVE every Sunday night? We love watching the videos you send in, worshiping alongside Worship Girl and how God is reaching your ‘littles’ through scripture. Stream this Sundays’ Easter service at 5:00 pm (CT) on Seeds Facebook Page. Also, you can visit our website to find previous services to watch with your family.

2. DIY Easter Tree 

YES, an Easter Tree! Decorate a tree with homemade decorations. Write and cut-out Bible verses, or key Easter words (Cross, Salvation, Tomb, Resurrection, etc.) to hang up on the tree. Line the tree with paper garlands, origami flowers, and spaghetti-sheep ornaments. Take silly family pictures to print and hang up on the Easter tree too! Make sure to read 1 John 4:14-15 (And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.) and listen to this Seeds scriptural song (Listen to "Savior" Here) as you're having fun!

3. Tombstone Decoration

Encourage your child to remember the passage of the women finding the “stone rolled away from the tomb” (Matthew 28:1-2, Luke 24:1-2). As an interactive Bible Study, begin by reading Luke Chapter 24. Find a stone from your back-garden and end the lesson by painting on a rock/stone the symbol of the cross. Ask your child to explain the resurrection story using the stone!

4. 20 Verses in 2020 

Many families tell us here at Seeds Family Worship that they want to memorize Scripture together and engage in regular family devotion times. Many families also feel overwhelmed by this, so this year Seeds Family Worship is trying to make both of these desires a reality and as easy as possible. We’ve selected TWENTY verses for your family to memorize in 2020. That’s about two a month. For each verse, we’ve provided at least two devotions (one per week) and links to stream the songs and videos for free.

THIS WEEK! We have released verse five: Ephesians 2:4-5. This is an easy way to dive into God’s Word together!

5. Homemade Hot Cross Buns

Amongst the little pleasures of life, you will find hot cross buns. Bread-making is an art, but it is definitely not everyone's speciality! Click this link for how-to-steps to make delicious hot cross buns. Predominantly, hot cross buns are enjoyed on Good Friday in the United Kingdom. However, for an insightful night time read, take a glimpse into the history of hot cross buns reaching back to the time of Passover. 

6. Resurrection Garden

Using a variety of basic garden supplies this is a phenomenal visual to teach kids about the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ideally, you plant your Resurrection Garden at the start of Holy Week, Palm Sunday. The goal is to plant it, wait and watch for it to sprout a pot full of grass by Easter/Resurrection Sunday. With an ounce of patience, you will have grass 7 days later. Check out the how-to-steps plus the scripture references that go with each day's gardening.

7. Good ol’ Colouring Pages

Print out free colouring pages displaying timeline events leading up to the resurrection. Make sure to have a listen to John 3:16 as you sip on a cup of tea and watch your children become little artists. 

8. He is Risen Paper Plate Craft

Looking for a simple, quick n’ easy Easter craft that requires the bare minimum: a paper plate, scissors, crayons and imagination. Check out this link on the how-to-steps for easy ways to craft the empty tomb. You really can’t go wrong! 

9. Jelly Bean Prayer

Teach your child the Easter story through Jelly Beans! Yum! Create a visual reference chart of what each Jelly Bean color represents and stick it up on the wall so no Jelly Beans go missing 😉

Black = the sins we have made
Red = the blood Jesus shed
White = the grace He gives
Green = the new life we have been given through Jesus

Every time your child asks for a Jelly Bean, challenge your child to remember what each color represents. Before you know it your child will have memorized the full Easter story.

10. Good Friday - Easter Week Video 

Watch on YouTube Minno’s brilliant family devotions! A great family-friendly video resource that displays passages of scripture. Check out the most recent series of the Easter story. 


When receiving a gift, are you thinking of the next gift to open, or are you so fully engaged with opening the gift in front of you? This Easter season is a unique gift. Unlike any other gift given to your family before or still to come. As the cabin fever sets in, the tantrums become more intense and wondering thoughts of “when will this end” become more frequent. I leave you with a gentle thought as you embrace the present gift of Easter 2020:

‘Your past has been redeemed. Your future is secured.
You have been given the ability to rest in the present because it is a gift'.
Hallelujah, our King is alive! 

Please use our free family resources and our 10 Family Activities for Easter, we want to bless your family!

Bethany Nicol.

Bethany Houser

Bethany Nicol

Hello, my name is Bethany! I am a scottish midwife, missionary and professional auntie for four ‘wild littles’ with twin boys on the way. My life is full of adventure and fun! I love Jesus with all of my heart and have a huge passion for womens’ ministry and global maternity health care. Currently, the Lord has me serving alongside the Seeds team in beautiful Montana. You will always find me admiring God’s creation and holding a cuppa tea.

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