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Why Do You Choose Jesus

Why Do You Choose Jesus?

At the start of this year, I spent two months in Taitung Taiwan with a team of 12 young adults. We were there to love people like Jesus. We spent a lot of time evangelizing, praying for the community, and bringing glory to God's name. Praise God, we tasted the sweet fruit of the many who had come before us and from the “risks” we were taking each day. However, two months in any unfamiliar country can become tiring and weary. 

One morning in our daily team time, my little Philipiano friend asked us to ponder on this question: ‘why do you choose Jesus?’

An easy question to answer when a fresh cup of coffee is waiting for you.
An easy question to answer when your boss does not change the plans last minute. 
An easy question to answer when…

It was halfway through the outreach when this question was asked. Yes, there was victory in making it to the midpoint. But there was also a huge ‘inhale-exhale moment’ needing to happen... So I opened up my journal and wrote ‘why I chose Jesus’ and wrote from the uttermost depths of my heart. 

Before reading on, take this next moment to journal and answer... Why do you choose Jesus?

Fast forward and my outreach has ended. I flipped through my journal on the 24th of April and came across my answer (shared with you below). My life is no longer facing the difficulties of the mission field. My life is now facing difficulties of the unknown. But the cry from my heart remains the same. I need a savior! This savior holds me together. He brings peace within the ‘inhale-exhale moments’ and regardless of external circumstances my why remains strong.

Journal Entry - January 20th, 2020
I Choose Jesus because…

He holds me together.
Without Jesus, I will fall apart.
My strength is non-sufficient.
I lead myself astray.
His gift of love is too good to deny.
He knows my full picture & I can trust Him.
He does not withhold good things from me.
He leads me to still waters &  provides favor to the gardens I tend.
I choose Jesus because His gentle voice always welcomes me home.
This world withers quickly and fades too soon for me to grasp.
I can simply be and allow Him to change me.
He calls me higher and gives me an undeniable purpose.
He fills my eyes with tender kindness and love that would not have been mine before.
He is the peace to this wrecked life.
My redeemer.
You see me fully and still love me.
I choose Jesus because I need a Savior.


Bethany Houser

Bethany Nicol

Hello, my name is Bethany! I am a scottish midwife, missionary and professional auntie for four ‘wild littles’ with twin boys on the way. My life is full of adventure and fun! I love Jesus with all of my heart and have a huge passion for womens’ ministry and global maternity health care. Currently, the Lord has me serving alongside the Seeds team in beautiful Montana. You will always find me admiring God’s creation and holding a cuppa tea.

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