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Fun, Easy Family Devotions: Verse 2 | Devotion 1 – Colossians 1:16-17


A young boy and his family took a trip to the Grand Canyon for the first time. As they entered the parking lot, he couldn’t see much of anything other than trees, bushes, and cars. They parked and walked closer to the canyon, but a crowd was still blocking his view. Finally he wriggled through the legs of fellow travelers, and all of the sudden, there it was, endlessly spread before him in every possible direction. The size was so overwhelming that his eyes felt confused and restless, searching for a way to take it all in, bouncing from one spot to another trying to find one point of focus, like a wobbly kitten chasing a ball that keeps barely escaping capture.

Yet in the midst of feeling so overwhelmed - so small - so insignificant in comparison to what was before him, a strange thing happened. He also felt a huge wave of comfort, joy, and abiding peace. How is it that these two opposite emotions could be present in his mind and heart at the same time?

The young boy was overwhelmed not only by the Grand Canyon, but by the one who created the Grand Canyon. Colossians 1:16 says, “For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities–all things were created through him and for him.” The ‘him’ in this verse refers to Jesus. And while that young boy stood on the canyon rim, he was reminded of the amazing power of his creator. The same God who created not only the canyon, but all things, is also in control of everything and can be trusted in all things. That is one of the most comforting thoughts a person can have.


Share a time when you felt overwhelmed by creation (sunset, mountains, powerful storm, top of skyscraper, etc.). What were some of the things you felt at that time?


Jesus, help us to pause and be overwhelmed by your creation on a regular basis. And when we are overwhelmed, help us to think about your amazing power and goodness. Help us to trust you more with the small challenges of life as we come to understand and be reminded of your unlimited power.


If you have time, watch this eight-minute video about the vastness of space.

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John Majors

John Majors and his wife Julie have a passion to help parents intentionally disciple their children. They served with FamilyLife for twenty years. They now partner with Seeds Family Worship to create tools and resources for parents to use at the table. They seek to invest in marriages and families internationally, specifically in countries in the South Pacific (their family spent 6 months of 2018 in Fiji). The Majors see the family table as the place where faith, food, and family intersect to create the ideal environment for growth. The Majors and their three children live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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