Fun & Easy Family Devotions: Verse 18 | Devotion 1 – Isaiah 30:18

Fun & Easy Family Devotions

Devotion | Jason Houser Testimony - Part 1

Isaiah 30:18, “Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him.”

As I wrote in the previous devotion, Seeds Family Worship was birthed when my pastor asked me to write a Scripture memory song for Vacation Bible School. Our family was living in Nashville at the time, loving life. I had been working in the music industry, but now I started to turn my attention to creating more music for Seeds. I wasn’t exactly sure how that would happen, but it was a clear burden. I started writing songs and creating albums. Everything was going great until one day we had the sense that our family needed to move back to where we grew up in Idaho.

We were not expecting this at all. Our kids were all born in Nashville. We had a great community of friends, a great church, and life was good. At one level it didn’t make sense. This move would be a big challenge. Were we really hearing from God? So here’s what I did; I sat down and listed all the challenges, all the issues we’d face moving. There were financial hurdles, transportation hurdles, school hurdles, and emotional hurdles. Last but not least, we didn’t have a place to live in Idaho. We knew that without God’s direct provision, it wouldn’t work.

When the list was finished, I gave copies to my family, and we prayed. Instead of rushing out on a whim, or ignoring this prompting, we waited, and prayed. As Isaiah 30:18 says, we “waited for him.” God wants to guide and direct us, and we wanted to hear from Him, so we waited. As we prayed, a cool thing happened—God started answering our prayers left and right—even ones that weren’t on the list! The hurdles that seemed so big were removed one by one until EVERY request was answered. God provided, and as you can imagine, our family gave glory to God. We praised Him for His abundant goodness and generosity. 

We finally packed up everything and made the move. It was still a bit scary, especially for the kids, who would need to make new friends, adjust to a new school, make a new life. Heidi and I grew up there, so we knew plenty of people, but it was all brand new for the kids. We felt like we were doing what God wanted us to do, so we moved forward, excited to see what God would do through this step of faith. As you’ll see in the next devotion, however,  not everything turned out like we thought it would.


Can you think of a time you had to wait on God’s direction in your life? Or what about a time you rushed ahead when you should have waited on him?


God, help us to listen to your promptings in our lives. And when things are not clear, help us to wait for your direction and guidance. Give us patience and faith to trust in you in the midst of uncertainty.

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