Seeds Family Worship Presents, Sing God’s Word: A worship event for the whole family.

Sing God's Word

Sing God's Word

When people ask me, “What does Seeds Family Worship do?” My most common response these days is as simple as it gets: “We sing God’s Word.” For seventeen years now we’ve been writing word-for-word Scripture songs and singing God’s Word. From the very first day of creating these songs, one of the most exciting parts has been standing in front of a room full of families all singing God’s word together.

That’s why we’re excited to launch a new event this year called “Sing God’s Word.” When Seeds comes to town, we come to present an event that will help your whole family worship together and Sing God’s Word. We write songs that connect with all ages, so this is an event for entire families to come and sing God’s Word together.

Our Sing God's Word Event

The Sing God’s Word event will feature music from our brand new “Power” album. This is our fifteenth album and I believe it’s the best we’ve ever made. The song that kicks off the album is “Not Ashamed” from Romans 1:16-17. It’s an anthem written to encourage kids and parents to not be ashamed, to be joyful believers. The title song from the album is from Acts 1:8 with a gospel choir singing about the power we have through the Holy Spirit. This song and others from the Power album will encourage families to live out their faith day today. The music is high-energy, meaningful, and it connects us to each other.  

Not only are these events for your whole family, but they are also from our whole family. You see, after sixteen years of doing ministry, our kids have grown up and taken on a greater role in everything we do. We’re entering a new season as a ministry in a couple of ways: First, this album is the fruit of the next generation. My son Ben Houser and I co-wrote and co-produced all the songs on this album, which brings a youthful energy to the music. Second, we have a host of other young friends and family on this album and tour. Amethyst, as well as Patrick, Elizabeth, and Abby Rowland, are all friends who grew up listening to Seeds, and now they’re singing on this album! Many of them will also be part of our live worship team at these events. They will be singing along with us, helping with hand motions, and sharing testimonies. We love it when young kids get to hear from older teens about what it means to follow Jesus!

Check out what some others have said about our events:

“Seeds Family Worship has been a staple at our church for years. We sing their songs with our children on just about a weekly basis and have even brought the adults in by including Seeds songs in our Sunday morning worship services (you're never too old for motions, right?). It is so refreshing to have such a vast library of songs that are biblically sound (being word-for-word Scripture) and that are also catchy and well-produced. In addition, the Seeds team could not be better to work with regarding special events. Their love for the Lord, desire to serve, and willingness to take advantage of every ministry opportunity really shines through when communicating and working with them. In case you can't tell, we love and appreciate the Seeds ministry!” Jeff Jones-Pastor of Children and Family Discipleship

“We went to the Trust Jesus tour and had the best time. Our kids are pretty spread out in age, so I wondered what it would be like for them all, especially the oldest. But right from the start, the energy, the positive vibe in the room, everything just drew us all in and we had such a great time. As a dad who wants to see his kids know God’s word, it’s so great to have something like this that we can all experience together and come away better for it.” -Father of three.


To host an event this year, you can email us at 

Events will cost $5,000 and include the event, travel,  accommodation, and food for the team

If you’re thinking about hosting an event, feel free to reach out with any questions. We’d love to see you in 2021 and put on a Sing God’s Word family worship experience in your city!


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