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My Life Growing Up With Seeds

Growing Up With Seeds

When I was 5 years old my parents played me my first Seeds album, Seeds of Courage. Then I remember my first Seeds event. It was in 2005 in Dallas, Texas and  I was there with my best friends. We sang and did hand motions and all I can remember was it was so much fun! One of my favorite parts was singing the last song of the night, Light of the World with glow sticks raised high. It was a special night! Check out this hilarious picture from that event.

We listened to Seeds all the time growing up. I really never gave it much thought… I just loved the music. I was memorizing God’s Word and did not even really know it. As I got older, I was not sure if I wanted to be a Christ follower or not. I have the coolest parents that love the Lord, loved church, but I was still not sure where God fit in my life. It was not until I went to a conference for pre-teens/teens where the Lord touched my life so big. He revealed His great love for me and I just wept. I knew I wanted to follow Him for the rest of my life.

It was at this point Seeds really made sense to me. I could see how all those songs and Scriptures I memorized had really influenced my life and helped point me to Jesus. Now they were giving me strength in my new walk with God. Sometimes my Dad and I would go for hikes and say Scripture back and forth until we could not think of anymore. They were all Seeds songs, and many times we had to sing them to remember them. We would just crack up laughing as we sang back and forth.

My Uncle Jason, (Seeds founder) and Dad (Josh, Seeds Missionary) had an idea to start making videos for all of our songs. People had been putting our music to hand motions for years, and my Uncle wanted to start bringing those to everyone. We started creating hand motions for the Seeds songs and soon after I was asked to be Seeds Worship Girl. I was so excited! I wanted to help kids learn God’s Word hoping it would impact them like it did me.

As we went on our tour last year, I received so much encouragement from kids and families. Almost all families had a nick name for me… it would normally be “Smiley” or “Smiley Kylie” or something like that. It was always funny to hear what kids called me. The real power for me was hearing how I was helping kids memorize God’s Word and many of these kids wanted to grow up to be like me. WHOA…

What’s happening in my life now?

In 2018, I was able to do a discipleship training school through Youth With A Mission in Montana. I then spent two months in Ukraine and Greece telling others about Jesus. One of the coolest things happened to me at a church in Greece. A lady came up to me and said, "You’re not Seeds Worship Girl are you?” The real mind blowing thing is how God is using this little ministry to impact people on the other side of the globe. God is amazing!

I just married the love of my life on Nov 2, 2019. My husband and I are now in Washington State while he trains to become a missionary pilot. God has called us to help bring the Good News of Jesus overseas and although it may be a few years before we are launched, we are now preparing for that.

In the meantime, I am still part of the Seeds ministry. I am writing and doing hand motions for the new songs being released in 2020. I am also planning to join as many tour dates in 2020 as possible. I hope you will all come worship with us.

I want to encourage parents and grandparents everywhere to listen to Seeds and watch Seeds videos. You can listen on all streaming services, watch on YouTube and Right Now Media, and you can purchase everything from the Seeds store. If you cannot afford the resources, we will send them to you for free. We want there to be no barrier to your family listening to Seeds. It is not just music, it is God’s Living Word.


Kylie Lynch

When Kylie was 13 years old she gave her heart to the Lord and soon felt a call to full time missions. She knew she did not have to wait until later to be a missionary and spent her teen years focused on building her relationship with God and reaching out to others. Kylie has been a Seeds Family Worship Missionary- creating hand motions, making videos and traveling with our team for live events for the last 7 years. This has been a BIG passion of her life as she loves being able to lead kids and families in worship! Today, Kylie is newly married and living in Washington state where her and husband Matthew are in training to become full time missionary overseas.

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