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Meet The Team: Jason Houser & Family


I loved music from birth and literally sang songs off of the radio while I was still in my crib. I moved from Idaho to Nashville right after high school and began pursing a career in music while attending Belmont University. Soon after, I graduated and began working at EMI Nashville. In a few short years, I experienced the success in music that I had dreamed of as a child only to discover that music had become an idol in my life that was more important to me than God.

When God Changed My Life

I reached a point of crisis in my marriage and had to decide if I was going to surrender my life to God’s greater purposes or continue to pursue my own will, at the expense of my wife and two young sons.

I cried out to God and the Lord “lifted me out of the slimy pit” out of my sin and selfishness and “set my feet on a rock”, as we sing about in the Seeds song “Out Of the Mud” from Psalm 40. The Psalm goes on to say, “He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to my God, that many may see and fear the Lord.”

Beginning of Seeds

About a year later, I was asked to write some scripture songs for my church’s Vacation Bible School. I was in the middle of producing an album with a brand new Christian artist named Matthew West. I wrote our VBS songs in the same pop/rock music style that I had been writing with Matthew, and at that VBS, the Seeds ministry was born.

Isn’t it a beautiful picture of God’s redemption that He raised the Seeds Family Worship ministry up from a broken marriage and family that cried out and surrendered to him?

The Lord led us as a ministry to use the word-for-word scripture songs to help families sing and learn God’s Word together. Now here a little bit about our Houser family.

The Houser Family Now

My wife Heidi and I have been married for 22 years. Heidi is a nurse practitioner part-time and co-manages a diabetes clinic. We are enjoying the adventure of having 3 teenagers: Ben (18), Brandon (15) and Abby (13). Ben recently graduated from Lighthouse Christian School and is heading to seek God and serve as a worship leader at YWAM Montana this fall. He plays guitar for several hours every day and is beginning to write some incredible songs of his own. Brandon loves playing football for the Lighthouse Lions and also plays keyboard on the school’s worship team. Abby is our gymnast and has an incredible gift of creativity.

We are thankful for our home church and school, Lighthouse, in Twin Falls, Idaho. It is the spiritual covering of the Seeds ministry and the hub of the majority of our family’s activities.

To Finish...

We are thankful to our Seeds Family Worship community for all of your encouragement and prayers. The emails and voice messages that we receive mean the world to us and fan the flame of our desire to run the race that the Lord has called us to. God bless you all and thank you for taking the time to learn about our crazy Houser family and our journey in this season of our lives!


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