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Thank You! Send Hope is Fully Funded!

We Hope In You (Psalm 33:20-22)

God is so good! Today we are celebrating that the Send Hope Campaign is fully funded. We are so thankful for God’s unbelievable goodness and your amazing generosity to us. Your partnership is helping us send the HOPE of Jesus to kids and families around the world. Your support of the project also allows us to give free Seeds resources to families, churches, and missionaries who could not afford it without your help.

Seeds is a miracle from God and we are grateful for all the people He has used to bless and sustain this ministry. The last 18 years have been packed full of miracles and it has been amazing to be on this journey. It is humbling and awesome to watch God use Seeds in the lives of so many. As the writing of this blog, we have distributed out more than 750,000 CDs and are close to 60 million music streams and 10 million video streams in more than 100 countries… all of God’s Word! We love seeing kids and families SING GOD’S WORD because of its life-changing power. The weekly stories we receive of how God uses Seeds music and videos amaze us and often bring us to tears.

We are praying that this HOPE album will be our most powerful, furthest reaching album ever. Jesus is the HOPE of the world and our great desire is that God will use this music to reach kids and families with His love and HOPE! Our team’s theme this year has been #nextgenforChrist. We believe so much in what we are doing and we want to be part of reaching as many kids and families for Jesus as possible. Thank you for being on this journey with us!


Jason Houser

Jason Houser is a worship leader, songwriter and the founder of the Seeds Kids Worship ministry. Looking back now, he never would have imagined that leading worship at his church’s Vacation Bible School in 2002 would be the beginning of the Seeds ministry. Jason is a Grammy-nominated songwriter that has co-written several #1 songs, including “More”, and “The Motions”, for Matthew West and “Hide” for Joy Williams. He also co-wrote Matthew West’s current radio single called “Broken Things”. Jason has also co-written a parenting book called “Dedicated: Training Children To Trust and Follow Jesus” (Zondervan) with Pastor Bobby Harrington and his son Chad Harrington. The book shares the biblical principles that formed a foundation for the Houser family when their children were young.

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