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How Our Family Uses Seeds Music & Videos

Seeds Music & Videos


In the most amazing way, God has used Seeds Family Worship as a doorway to usher more of Himself into our home and daily life! We are so very thankful, that as we’ve grown to love using Seeds music & videos. God’s Word now ‘bubbles’ on the surface and in the hearts of our home. You could say, His presence is audible now. I’ve shared with my husband that I wish I could wear a video camera all day to record how often and spontaneously our kids break into song/worship.

So how do we incorporate Seeds? 

- Initially, the kids and I would listen for free from the website. It didn’t take long for us to get hooked!

- Now, we almost always have a Seeds CD playing in our family vehicle. Depending on how busy our week may be, that can be a lot of time singing God’s Word!

- I have personally found Seeds music & videos to be very refreshing and uplifting to me as a mother of little people (two girls, ages 4&2, and a new baby boy) so I will play the songs simply as background music throughout the day to help keep my mind and heart focused on the Lord.

- Any job can be stressful, I know my husband also finds Seeds refreshing and calming after a long shift at work.

- Most often we just enjoy singing God’s Word together a cappella as we go about our day (unloading the dishwasher, folding clothes, playing outside, etc, anytime really) …. which might not sound so great to the average ear, but I know it sounds fantastic to God.

- Seeds DVDs are a great resource too! As I mentioned, new baby in the house so our mornings can get off to a slow start some days. I love being able to play a Seeds DVD to begin the day with God’s Word even while my hands are full. Our girls LOVE to watch and follow along with the videos with hand motions.

- The DVD’s are also a great way to wind down in the evening as a whole family, again, keeping our focus together on the Lord.

Listening and Watching to Seeds Music & Videos

Listening to Seeds has helped tremendously in my own personal memorization of Scripture. Now that I have a bigger ‘bank’ of God’s Word stored in my own heart He can bring them to mind when He knows I need them. The music makes it easier to memorize, the memorization makes it easier to meditate on and recall when needed. For example, towards the end of my recent pregnancy I found myself needing to hear  ‘Do Not Be Anxious’ (Phil 4:6-7) and the Lord was reaffirming Himself to me, He’s got it all under control. Or when the girls are having an issue with who will go first, we sing together  ‘Servant of All’ (Mk 9:35), and at their ages they don’t fully grasp that concept yet but I know it’s laying the right foundation to build on.

When it comes to the music we listen to, we say that Seeds music & videos is the Best option out there because it’s the actual Word of God. We’re in the nursery-rhyme season of life and while those are good, they can drive me a little batty after awhile. Worship music is better for keeping our hearts uplifted, but word-for-word scripture is best! God’s Word is living and active…. and we never get tired of it!

Seeds  practice of ‘Buy one, Give one’ is so awesome! When we are with family or friends (or even new people at a playgroup), I am so thankful for the opportunity to share about how great Seeds is for families and then hand out a free CD for them to keep and listen to.

Emily loves God’s Word deeply. She and Joe (married 6 years) live in Iowa and have 3 small children. Emily grew up knowing of the Lord but only in the last 10 years has she really come to know Christ as her personal Savior and been filled up with an unquenchable desire for more of Him. She loves spending time with her family, outdoor activities, reading, and some occasional sewing and crafting. She is passionate about encouraging her friends and fellow moms, growing in prayer, and seeing God’s Word planted in the hearts and homes of people she meets.


Josh Houser

Josh Houser is a Christ follower, a husband of his beautiful wife Linda (for 27 years), and a father of three awesome kids who love Jesus… Kylie 20, Matthew 18 and Caleb 17. Josh is a Seeds Missionary who is passionate about getting God’s Word into as many hearts and homes around the world as possible. Josh has been a Christian for over 25 years after God radically saved him in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1992. Josh and his wife Linda spent three years with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and both graduated from Christ for the Nations Bible College in Dallas, TX. Josh spent 15 years as a business executive before God calling him to serve with Seeds Family Worship.

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