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How One Homeschool Mom is Using Seeds Kids Worship to Reach her Kids (Part 3)

Homeschool Mom using Seeds

I’ve gotten lazy. I don’t mean sitting on the couch all day eating bon-bons kind of lazy (What are those anyways??). I mean the kind of lazy that has to do with being unintentional with my kids.

Blame it on summer break, travel, lack of routine, the list goes on and you know what I mean. I am disappointed as I look back over the summer and think of the moments I’ve let pass by because I was unintentional with the precious time with my kids.

We had plenty of FUN and BUSY moments- lots of the best of summer- swimming, catching fireflies, ice cream cones…you name it. But I lost the intentionality of keeping daily scripture and Bible study as part of our busy days. 

Well, His mercies are new every morning. I am so glad that we serve a God that lavishes us with grace and mercy. So I’m picking myself back up and reminding myself what is important. Teaching my kids the Word of God is at the top of the list.

It doesn’t matter where your kids go to school- public, private, homeschool, charter, we need to be teaching our kids the Word of God. The Lord has instructed us as parents that this is OUR job. Sure it’s great to have teachers and other adults help along with this process, but the primary responsibility is to US as parents (Duet. 11:19).

I am so thankful to have Seeds Family Worship in my toolbox to help teach my kids the Word. I firmly believe that my kids will have these verses hidden in their hearts for years to come, even for the rest of their lives, because of the effectiveness of the music.

As I soak in these last few minutes of the quiet morning before little feet start pounding down the halls, I’m thinking about how I can be intentional today. One song am I adding to our memory list TODAY is Luke 6:31- Do So To Them. I love this verse for many reasons, one way being that it is a great tool for training character in tough moments. When the kids know the verse well, it is so much easier to apply to real life situations, like when brother takes sister’s toy. 

It’s time for us parents to step up and take initiative with our kids. To take responsibility for their spiritual training. And when we mess up and get lazy, we know that the Lord will be cheering us on when we get back to work.  

Homeschool mom
Theresa Whiteford

Theresa Whiteford is a wife to Phil and mom to seven. She resides in the Nashville area with her family, cat, and 21 chickens. She homeschools her kids and has been a huge fan of Seeds Family Worship for many years. She is active in her church and has seen the effectiveness of children singing God’s Word.

Photo of our Ministry Director in the Seeds Kids Worship office

Sabrina Harrison

Sabrina Harrison has been leading Kids Worship for over 20 years. She values her worship experiences at Summer Camp and Vacation Bible School the most. She loves to train up future worship leaders with her 5th and 6th Graders that are moving or have moved into Middle School Youth Group. Her favorite Seeds Kids Worship song is More Than Conquerors.

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