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The Beauty of Adoption and the Gospel

The Beauty of Adoption

Introduction: The Beauty of Adoption

I remember several years ago sitting in church listening to an old friend speak of his recent trip to Africa. I watched as images of beautiful people, an unknown land, and poverty flashed before my eyes. The place? Burkina Faso.

I cried through the whole thing.

For Darrel and Kim that trip was a fork in the road and they became champions of Burkina Faso.

For the past 8 years, Darrel and Kim have been working with churches, pastors, and the people in this beautiful country that is counted among the poorest of the world. They are making a difference. For instance, a water-well sits in a small town and will provide generations of people with fresh water – all because of Darrel, Kim and their coordinating efforts.

While actively championing the people of Burkina Faso, Darrel and Kim also pastor a church in the Southside of Fort Worth – an urban area known for poverty. Why? Because they seriously believe Jesus’ edict to care for the poor. They are a church for the poor and on any given Sunday you will find a congregation ready to welcome anyone and love well.

Darrel and Kim are actively being the hands of Jesus to a community and a country people often overlook and forget.

None of this has been without heartache or cost. You and I know following God has legitimate costs. Darrel and Kim have paid a price to follow Jesus and carefully steward the hearts of those they love.

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18

I love how the gospel story is beautifully wrapped around the story of adoption. You cannot remove them from each other. Joseph took Jesus as his own and God takes you as His own. Adoption is a part of Jesus’ story and a part of God’s heart. At Seeds Family Worship, we love the story of the gospel and the story of adoption.

About a year ago, Darrel and Kim decided to begin the lengthy process of adoption. Naturally, they began their adoption process in Burkina Faso and are overjoyed to be matched with two children from one of the areas they have worked in for the last nine years.

Seeds is championing the Auvenshine Family as they have championed so many over the years. And we want your help!

Please purchase one (or several) of these cozy t-shirts and help this sweet couple bring their children home!

This t-shirt is designed by 116 Design (Sarah Patrick's family's design and marketing company) and produced by Zoe Co. (the same company who produces those comfy Seeds t-shirts ya'll love!). They are gray, unisex, sooooo incredibly soft, and American made. On the left sleeve are the longitude and latitude of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, the area where the children live. And on the back reads John 14:18 - the Auvenshine’s family verse.

To purchase a shirt for $25 (No S&H), simply click HERE, the Auvenshine's shopify page featuring the above t-shirt (ALL proceeds go toward their adoption.).

Help Darrel and Kim bring two beautiful children home and remind them that the body of Christ sees them and champions them, too.


Sarah K Patrick

Sarah and her husband, Eric, have been married for 17 years and have 5 beautiful children – 4 biologically and 1 by gracious addition. Sarah is passionate about a lot of things especially loving God deeply and those around her well. She is a firm believer that life-changing grace can be found in every day life. She and her family reside these days in a lovely 100+ year old house in the urban core of KCMO. Follow her on Instagram @patrickpalooza5.

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