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3 Ways To Create A Joyful & God-Centered Atmosphere In The Home

3 Ways To Create A God-Centered Home


I was made for this. You were made for this. Our kids were made for this. RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. He says, IF you seek me, you WILL find me. He’s not hiding from us, he’s hiding for us. FOR US to seek after Him whole heartedly. His desire is that we draw close to Him and when we do, He promises to draw close to us and is found by us. How awesome is that!?!  Have you ever played hide and seek with your kids? There’s so much joy when they find you, right? Our Father feels the same way... times a zillion percent!  He takes such delight when we seek after and draw close to Him. 

1. It Starts With Us

How can we help our kids draw close to Jesus? How can we teach them to seek after Him? Here are three simple ways that have helped us create an atmosphere of seeking Him in our home and with our children: It starts with us. When we are seeking Jesus, our kids notice. Take the time in your own life to draw close to Him, however and whenever works for you. It’s not a box to be checked or an obligation to fulfill, it’s simply doing what you were created to do. When you set that standard in your home it will flow right on down to your kids.

2. Family Time

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 talks about impressing the commandments on our children “talk about them when you sit at home, when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Have a culture in your home of talking about God’s Word. Make it totally normal to ask your kids what He is speaking to them and give them the opportunity to ask you questions. Our favorite time to apply this in our family is during family devos. “D-E-V-O-S, FAMILY DEVOS ARE THE BEST!”

We have a time that we set aside as a family to draw close to Jesus. We keep it simple and joy-filled. Our prayer is that this time together gives our kids a desire to seek after Jesus personally too.

3. Set An Atmosphere of Worship

Set an atmosphere of worship in your home.  Blast some Seeds music while you’re cleaning up dinner together, slow things down at bedtime with your favorite Seeds songs... hearing the Word of God through music will create a desire in your kids hearts to know Him more. What we like to say around here is “His Word works!” It really does, the impact that is being made in little (and big) hearts is eternal.

The Power of Seeds

Seeds Family Worship has been the best tool and resource for our family to get the Word deep into our kids minds and hearts and create a desire for them to know Him more. We couldn’t imagine our lives without SEEDS FAMILY WORSHIP!

I hope these three simple things that we apply in our own family are a help to you.

Our greatest desire is that our kids know and love Jesus and seek after Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength! I know that’s your desire too. We are in this together


Jane Rowland

Jane Rowland is a Christ Follower and wife of her very cool husband, Matthew (of 24 years) and Mom of 10 awesome kids who love Jesus. Jane has an incredible heart for God, and loves helping people walk in a relationship with Jesus. Jane gave her heart to the Lord at a young age and has been a Christian for over 34 years. Jane and her husband Matthew spent three years on the mission field with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and both graduated from Christ For The Nations Bible College in Dallas, TX. Matthew and Jane have served at C3 Trinity Dallas for the last 20 years where Matthew has been a pastor for the last 18 years. She helps with the kids, family and marriage ministries and is passionate about seeing whole families walk with God together!

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